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Do you think school secretaries should make thousands more than school teachers?

Makes no sense.

I run a heating/ac business, it is family owned and has been for generations. When I lose a secretary (we have 4 on staff plus 1 part time,) I put an ad on Craigslist (used to be in the paper.)

I have always paid 50% above minimum wage, and if I run my ad a week, I will get between 50 & 75 people to come and apply. The last 5 years or so (since I have started using Craigslist, it is consistently closer to 75.)

I get quality applicants, most who can type between 40 and 50 wpm. I do not care if they are college educated (most have had at least some college.)

I mainly require: attention to detail, professional dress/ manners, friendly and cheerful, willing to learn and adapt.

I guarantee that a school secretaries job is less intensive than one of my secretaries. My secretaries currently make around $480 a week each at $12 an hour. This would put their annual gross at $24,960 if they never called in sick and worked 40 hours every week all year.

There is no reason that the schools should be paying more than this, it is basic business management 101. A secretary is a job that has a low barrier of entry and no formal education or license is required.

In addition, with the growth of online activities as leisure, the average applicant today has better computer knowledge than most top applicants just a few years ago. Even older applicants (like us seniors) have sufficient computer/ typing knowledge for the job.

What is incomprehensible to me, is that I can hire secretaries all day for $12 an hour who are top notch. Why can the school system not do the same?

NC 'education' is now it's own MAFIA via NCAE !!!

Remember, the teachers make more money and benefits that the vast majority of their students' parents! Bloated government salaries must end now. Fire those that are overpaid and under productive NOW.

And remember, we have the wealthiest poor people on the planet! Don't ever forget that! (that, too, will change soon!)

A good secretary is worth

A good secretary is worth her weight in gold...many are underpaid. A good teacher is worth their weight in gold...they are all underpaid. When things like this happen it causes folks to line up two different careers and compare them. It is not an accurate comparison. In this case administrative positions should be considered separate from teaching positions. I have a college degree and I am a good admin assistant/secretary. I have NEVER made that kind of money in this county...been here 44 years, 25 of which I have worked. It is a fact that our teachers are underpaid. A major revamping of this system is in order and, often times, it takes something like this to bring it on.

I'm in the wrong business

I have a four year college degree and a very good job with a top Wilmington employer and I don't make $60,000, let alone $75,000 a year. I should have been practicing my typing, answering the phone and mailing letters skills.


You are not aware of what administrative assistants do in today's world. Most have college degrees. Has anyone bothered to check seniority? Generally administrative assistants are very loyal to their place of employment. I would be willing to wager that these admins have been working there for many years to get that level of salary. How long have you been at your position with a top Wilmington employer?

To be a GOOD secretary and make that kind of money...'ll need to hone up more skills than that!

Salaries for secretaries

WHAT? My tax dollars are paying secretaries twice the salary teachers make? I thought everyone in the New Hanover School system had low salaries. And the Board of Education's answer is that they have to pay the secretaries to compete with other businesses in the area? Most of the other businesses are for private corporations; OLD is the third largest CEO in the world; not Wilmington,not New Hanover County.

Don Hayes said that secretaries at UNCW are within the $60,000 - 70,000 pay range.Maybe Mr. Hayes needs to look at the salaries of the professors to see their pay range. I seriously doubt there is an administrative secretary making anywhere near the salary of the professor.

I am sad and angry. Why does the Board of Education treat the most important resource for children's education so poorly?


Time to let outrage be known

There needs to be a thorough house cleaning down at the " Love Shack". Only way to accomplish this will be to fire school board members , who are unwilling to take responsible action. All responsible parties are hoping these issues do not gain any additional traction with other news outlets. WWAY there is a big story here so stay on top of it.



School Board Secretaries Overpaid

There are no secretaries making 70+ grand in private industry in the Wilmington area. Calling them Administrative Assistants does not justify more pay.

re: School Board Secretaries Overpaid

There are Executive Administrative Assistants in the Wilmington area who do made in excess of 70k/year. I know this because two are clients of mine.