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Do you think semi-automatic weapons should be banned?

How about you ask the question

"Do you know what a semi-automatic weapon is" and provide multiple answer choices. I'll bet 50% or more get it wrong. I have a good idea, how about we go back to flint lock guns! Criminals will never obey the law when it comes to owning a gun. Outlawing any type of gun makes the citizens less safe and the criminals more powerful. The police are there to draw a chalk line around a body, take pictures, and investigate. Police will never be able to be johnny on the spot to prevent someone from murding you.

Semi-auto is not the issue and it covers too much ground

The issue devolves around finding a reasonable way to control guns which will not leave all of us at the mercy of law breakers. By the way Great Britain has had gun control with very strict laws for at least 50 years and they have not worked. Bad guys will get them and the good folks will be their victims. When I was stationed in England the bobbies carried only night they are armed? Why? You see the bad guys have gotten their guns therefore the police need to be armed but the good folks are just victims and no one cares about them.

More reasonable approach is making any crime using a lethal weapon a capital offense with no possibility of parole. That covers the right ground so a crime using a vehicle, knife, sword, club, and of course a gun puts you away forever. Wish we had laws like this for the 4 scum that killed the CFCC student.

The problem is not guns.

The problem is not guns. Connecticut has some of the strictest gun laws in the country and that didnt stop this kid. Guns kill people, like spoons make people fat. All these mass shootings are done by demented individuals who should have been under 24 hour supervision.


No, I think Godless atheist like the Tuscon, Norway and Sandy Hook shooters should be banned.

Semi-automatic gun ban

The problem in our nation goes a lot deeper than guns or the type of guns available. We have both a mental and moral problem. I have never heard of a gun walking into a building by itself and killing someone. Banning guns is a band-aid approach, ignoring the larger isses. And if we ban any type of weapons, what will keep the mentally disturbed from using bombs, harmful chemicals, and other weapons if they decide to do so?

While you're at it, ban...

...forks and spoons for making people fat. Ban tires because they allow cars to roll and kill people. Ban candy for rotting kids teeth and ban alcohol to stop drunk drivers. The list goes on and on. It's not the weapon, it's the mentality. Until we learn to recognize the bizarre behavior of mass shooters, they will always elude society and snap at their whim, causing total chaos. There have been documented mental cases with mass killing behavior for centuries, there is nothing new to stop it. Banning any particular type of weapon certainly won't change anything.

Should semi-auto weapons be banned?

Blaming guns for violent crimes is like blaming a car for a drunk driver killing someone while driving.

Time has come for real change

At some point we need to realize military style rifles have no place in our non-military environment. While we can't identify and isolate every possible mentally imbalanced threat in our society, we certainly can limit those individuals access to weapons that give them the ability to do so much harm. Simply put we need to value the welfare of our children over an outdated an overly commercialized concept that every person has the right to be an individual militia and arm themselves as if they are going to war.

Comment Response

Obviously you do not understand the Constitution. If you dissagree with our right to keep and bear arms then you should move to another country. I could write an entire book on why we need the ability to defend ourselves but something tells me your one track mind is already made up. Pick up a history book and find out what happens when a government disarms its people, its not pretty. And we do not need to identify and isolate every possible mentally imbalanced individual, just the ones trying to buy firearms. This can be done by adding a mental screening and mental background check at the time of purchase just like how a criminal background check is required to purchase a firearm from a dealer presently. If you value the welfare of our children so much, then why do you want to take away our ability to protect them?

Shooting down an NRA argument

A few years ago a shift of police officers were having their morning meeting at a coffee shop in Lakewood, Washington, when a gunman with an assault rifle walked in and killed four police officers. All the officer's were armed, but caught off guard. Anyone who thinks they could have changed things if they had a gun on them, is so impossibly mistaken and really needs to rethink their position on this issue.

Shooting down attacks on 2nd amendment rights

The gunman did not use an assault rifle, it was a 9mm glock pistol. Get your facts straight. Two days later the gunman was shot and killed by LE officers in Seattle. And just like you stated, they were caught off guard. Your argument has no logic.

Should semi-auto weapons be banned?

In my OPINION semi auto weapons should Not be banned. I believe stricter gun laws will only keep these types of firearms out of the hands of law abiding citizens. If a criminal wants a firearm to commit a crime, they are not goning to go to a gun shop where these laws would be in place, but aquire them illegally from someone who would care less about new gun laws. I do think certain gun laws should be changed such as the gun show loop hole which allows private sellers to sell fireams without the required background check normally required to purchase a firearm anywhere else. I am going to leave links below to the story you do not hear about in main steam media including how a concealed carry permit holder stopped the shooter in the Clackamas mall shooting and a video explaining. Furthermore, I also believe that a mental/psychological exam should be required to purchase any type of firearm.

Portland News article



Why does anyone need a semi-automatic weapon except to kill many people quickly??

Look where all these mass

Look where all these mass shootings take place. There already were ban on semi-autos in effect. Anti-2nd amendment laws get people killed.

Gun Laws

Guns don't kill people. Crazy people kill people. We have a right to bear arms in this Country and should be able to exercise that right. The weapon of choice is chosen by the killers. Not guns.

Semi Auto

Anyone who thinks semi-auto firearms should be banned probably doesn't own a firearm for self/home protection which indicates how much responsibility they assume for their own family's safety.

Gun Control

If some idiot drives a Toyota Camry into a crowd of people with the intention of killing as many as he can, do we outlaw the Toyota Camry???

Another law would be

Another law would be meaningless. Criminals do not obey them;neither did Lanza.

Gun control

I don't believe gun control will work as the bad guys will always find a way to get a gun. I do believe we need to ban assault weapons, they're made to kill people and not needed in the general public.
One way to protect our schools is to consider having teachers and staff being armed. Millions of us have a weapon to defend our families and homes, why not have them be protected in our schools? Teachers should be our line of defense. How helpless are they when someone with a gun comes to a school which they know has no wat to defend themselves.We haven't been successful in stopping drugs so why would we consider banning guns, the same people selling drugs would then have another product to sell.


Assault rifles should be banned along with 30 round clips for said weapons.

Response to Ignorant Comment

Vog46: Assualt rifles are already banned, only LE and military personnel can leagally own an assualt rifle. Semi-automatic rifles are NOT assualt rifles. Get your facts straight. As far as 30 round MAGAZINES go, 30 rounds from 3 10 round magazines can be fired just as fast as 30 rounds from 1 30 round magazine in the hands of someone who knows how to properly handle a rifle. Making a ban on said magazines pointless. There will always be evil in this world, why do you want to take away citizen's ability to defend themselves?

My response to your response of ingnorance

Assault rifles are not banned. I can go buy one today. I'd like to see someone be able to change out magazines 10 times and be as fast as a singe 30 round magazine. You have proven you don't know of what you speak.


The assault rifle ban expired on Sept 4 2004

"The Federal Assault Weapons Ban expired on September 13, 2004, as part of the law's sunset provision. There have been multiple attempts to renew the ban,[1] but no bill has reached the House floor for a vote."

Fred - try to keep up


Semi-autos have been in production since the early 1900's

Banning them will make no difference in crime rates and it will certainly make no difference in whether criminals are in possession of them or not. I just love the mentality and thought processes of pitiful it almost makes me cry.