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Do you think the 90-day 'Cease Fire' has had any impact lowering crime in Wilmington?

I personally watched a man

I personally watched a man try to shoot another at a gas station this morning. I'm a suburban housewife just stopping to fuel up on the way to lovely historic Wilmington, and 20 feet away, pop-pop, this happens... in broad daylight. Somebody needs to pull up their sleeves and get to work. Stop yapping about it and do something!!! That was terrifying.

Riiight -- cease fire, are you kidding?!

While folks are joining hands and kumbaya'ing, our mayor is quickly driving back to the comfort and safety of his private, gated community home. What a joke! This city needs a serious overhaul - fast!

cease fire

as long as the judicial system is broken as it is ,there will not be anything but a increase of crime. when you are convicted of a felony you get a automatic reduction of your sentence of 9 months ,if you are on probation and do not follow the rules set down by the court , don't worry nothing will happen . the police are shoveling sand against the tide

Cease Fire???

Gang Members/Thugs do not respect or obey the laws that are already in place. It is completely and totally delusional to believe that people holding hands and singing church tunes will have any effect on their behaviour.......

cease fire of what?

The "coexist" bumper sticker folks might think this a noble altruistic endeavor, but the rest of us know better....


Please tell me what the bumper stickers have to do with gang violence. I could be wrong and I will have to pay better attention, but I don't recall any gang symbols on the coexist sticker.

Who is the idiot that

Who is the idiot that thought this even stood a chance in hell of working???

you can blame the obama

you can blame the obama supporters for another stupid mistake.

Dumb Comment

And you can tell by your comment that you are a person that is iliterate and unable to contribute to getting rid of the problem.

TO verify

How can one intuitively draw a suggestion from the collective mindset of current presidential supporters to an active and problematic situation in city? Granted your glaring example of ignorance is well defined & conspicuous and your taste of humor is pitiful. Before posting an irrational message, just write it down to only ignite it with matches. Remember that, write that down.

cease fire

you must be a loyal demoRAT, who voted for the worse mistake of a president ever...Odumbo

Big words and you still

Big words and you still sound stupid. It was an Obama look what I am doing to protect you act while it accomplished nothing.

I can tell you how. Simply

I can tell you how. Simply because I can and it is very obvious. Who else can be so ignorant then a obama supporter? You vote for a Marxist, and a person who believes that individual rights are a thing of the past. He himself added more debt to the country then 43 presidents COMBINED. Obamacare added 1 Trillion alone! Who else would vote for such a socialist? Ignorant people, Ignorant people who want free stuff that other people pay for.


Is everyone's answer to anything always going to be Obama? Are you people just plain stupid? MY real question is where do you get your numbers and facts as you call it? Did you read them off a facebook quote. Pleas pull history spending from 1950 to today. Check the facts, do your homework and dont rely on something you saw online. Better yet go to DC to the history musiem. There you can find the federal spending over history ... cant blame that on Obama and say it is fake because it was placed there 10 or more years ago.

Well said!

Well said!

delusional much?

The truth of that comment chapped your little hide, didnt it Franklin?

The truth is, the law of averages & statistical data would be on the side of the commenter stating these were most likely Odumbo supporters.

I know that truth, math & fact arent used by those in your circle of friends/Odumbo supporters, but its how things are determined in the real world.

Get over it and face the facts. Dont like them? Then get on the side of those with the advantage of being resist, not race baiters & the like.