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Do you think the Brunswick County School Board should give themselves a higher raise than teachers?

neither group deserves a

neither group deserves a raise is today's market, and based on their performance, they will never deserve a raise, and since when should the fox be allowed to gaurd the hen house, or better yet, why should a school board be able to vote themselves a raise? pretty brassy!


Eight YES votes...wonder if there's eight members on the Brunswick school board?

I don't think either group

I don't think either group deserves a raise in today's market, both are way overpaid, and if were not todays market, neither would be entitiled to a raise, because they have not produced a better product, the more we pay our educators, the dumber they turn our children out, does anyone see the problem with this?

If you think Teachers are

If you think Teachers are over paid then you lack an education yourself. We only have teachers in southeast NC because they care about students and not pay. These teachers would work in others states if they did not care. Problem is Teachers have no resources for lack of funding. Teachers are paying for materials out of their pockets and teaching overcrowded classroom while those in charge collect large salaries. Teachers cannot educate your children by themselves. Your children's education starts at home with the parents. My daughter is 3 1/2 years old and can read already. Why? Because we read to her every night since she was born. She is very smart. Why? Because we do activities that promote learning. We spend time with her an educate our children. SO you cannot blame the Teachers for "dumb" kids. Which is very rude for you to say and shows what type of person you are. If you kid is below their education level then something isn't right at home. Blame yourself

Brunswick City School Board

When they work as hard as the teachers do, then yes they deserve a raise. At this time, I do not believe they are as capable as the teachers and certainly do not deserve a raise.

There all a bunch of

There all a bunch of overpaid glorified baby-sitters who lay up all summer and dont have to work while they mooch off of our tax dollars, I say none of them don't need a pay raise, they need some pay cuts!!!

Burger Boy

I can tell by the correctness of your spelling and punctuation that you made use of your education time.

They are displaying exactly

They are displaying exactly the same arrogance toward 'their' employees as Big Business does to theirs. Guess what. WE have a say and this is loathesome, unacceptable, and MUST STOP!!!

I agree... The Board of

I agree... The Board of Education doesn't need a raise.... We need to help the Teachers FIRST,,, I guess this board will be leaving at the next election that has their names on the Ballot. And Ms Cook should leave now since the money she got will not make a difference for any Teacher, It shouldn't make a difference for her since she doesn't need it...