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Do you think the City of Wilmington should spend $3.5 million or more to buy property downtown?

How about making use of the

How about making use of the vacant commercial properties that we have around the county now instead of building new existing ones????

the sad note

34 do not have an opinion; don't care; and won't educate themselves in order to make a decision for or against.

and that may well explain Brian Berger's successful re-election.

An apathetic electorate.

spend it wisely. maybe? please?

How about instead of always spending time and money "developing" the city, try actually doing something that will help the people of Wilmington and New Hanover County. Does the mayor and city council hear the same news we do? How about working on issues of crime and education.

a real downtown

If downtown had more variety in shopping and dining than it does then perhaps people would actually visit downtown. Perhaps if there more than just boutiques, specialty shops and local restaurants, then more interest would be generated.

Instead of luring all the retail businesses away from downtown, actually try luring them TO downtown!

Why is so much money spent

Why is so much money spent "downtown"? Listen to city council meetings. Every other word is "downtown". There is nothing downtown for the local citizens. Most of the establishments are bars or tourist trap stores and expensive restaurants. And where is most of the crime? "DOWNTOWN".

Welcome to....

"Saffoville,NC" (No Zip Code)

Interesting .......

That the vote tally on THIS poll is eerily similar to the actual vote on the stadium referendum.
While a park is a good idea I think a 7 acre park is too large a park for a "passive" park.

I wonder who the Commercial RE agent was on this deal. John Hinnant perhaps?
(Does anyone know?)


City of Wilm buying more property

If they do buy more downtown property, the mayor, his wife or anyone connected with Hanover Realty or Coldwell Banker should NOT be involved, as this is a conflict of interest considering the mayor's involvement with these real estate firms/agents!

Absolutely. Now the the

Absolutely. Now the the election is over and Komrade O'Greedy, Komrade Rivenbarkov and Komrade Sheridinski no longer have to fool the public, they can go right back to their big speeding ways.

Elections have consequences. And Wilmington citizens need to pay their fair share.


It is too bad all the people that voted against the stadium did not support an opponent to run against Mayor Saffo and did not bother to vote against the incumbent City Council members. If they had, this discussion and poll might not be necessary. Laziness and apathy seldom go unpunished.......but cheer up......soon our local gangs will have another expensive piece of real estate to terrorize. I guess the Mayor and Council's solution to the gang problem is to build a new, modern, ultra expensive park in which the gangs can conduct their business in. The citizens of Wilmington should demand a massive TAX is obvious the City has millions of dollars to waste........

Did I miss something?

When did spending more money than you make, make sense?

downtown property

I would like to see the money spent on something way more worthy of attention like seat belts on schools buses, for all school age children. Why can't this be a real conversation and focus in our community?

Not a bad play

A little ahead of its' time, but a park would be a nice anchor for the bridge to bridge concept. As long as it is preserved as a park in perpetuity so we don't get another run at a damn baseball stadium !