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Do you think the government will be able to compromise tonight and avoid a shutdown?

I think the republicans will

I think the republicans will wimp out and give in.

Government shutdown

I don't see any change. The government has been shut down since obama was elected into the presidency in the first place.

You certainly got THAT correct!

Obama has been nice to hand out those 3/4" cold steel lag bolts to middle class America to use as suppositories prior to having obamacare inserted! Our government has gone to hell in a hand basket!

I've never seen one individual do more to ruin a country, lie to its people and destroy an economy. Reid and Pelosi are dragging up a very close second place.

But you know what? They'll all retire in their posh multi-million dollar homes with their multi-million dollar bank accounts, while being EXEMPT from obamacare and laugh at us silly ducks while sipping champagne. Nice, huh?


Agreed..... it has been shutdown ever since Obama took office!