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Do you think the guy who took the picture of the hanging dog five years ago should be charged with animal cruelty now?

It is not her fault

It is apparent the employee took that photo to use as revenge against the owner when she fired him for stealing from her. Give her the benefit of doubt. Also the photo was taken 6 years ago. She would not risk her ruining her business by allowing such things to take place. My heart goes out to her. Charges should be brought against the employee for the harm he is doing her business as well as animal cruelty charges. Also, the dog was actually hanging from a harness and not it's neck according to the story.

It's so nice to see that all

It's so nice to see that all the children are feed and this is the only evil in the world. Is this right NO! But death treats and hate form all you guys is far worse then the act of stupidity of the picture.

viral picture of hanging dog

The person who released this picture from 5 years ago, should apologize to the owner and the world. His act was stupid and malicious. The owner has been cleared of any wrong doing, but her reputation has been destroyed. One commenter said the statute of limitations was 2 years; but since he just released this picture there should be some dire consequences for his actions.

animal cruelity

I strongly believe you as media are the ones at fault. you ran with a story five years old to shock the public. shock tv not news let us see if brian willams runs the same clip at 6:30 . if so we will suitch the choice of our world news provider

Olga day spa

My family has been using Olga for years and have never had anything but loving care of our pets with Olga. I feel that this is being done by the young man because he got caught with his fingers in the till and got fired. We stand behind Olga one hundred per cent. Don't judge someone if you don't know them!!!!!!

I'm thankful to have a

I'm thankful to have a groomer that truly loves and cares for my animal and others. Joke or not; 5 years ago or not; person responsible should have been fired on the spot. Person and owner should have been charged. Misdemeanor or not. She watched and did nothing. Sad.

dog hanging

Yes he should be charged with animal cruelty and the person in the picture who is standing there watching the animal hang and Olga for knowing it happened and didn't report it. These are people we thought we could trust with the care of our animals while we are away. Shame on all of them.

animal cruelty

If that was my dog I would try my best to shut that shop down. What have they done that hasn't been photographed?

You know the bad thing about

You know the bad thing about shutting her down, she will just reopen under a new name or another persons name..

Both the owner and him

Both the owner and him should face charges. She knew about it and did nothing. This happened five years ago. Thank the Lord it was not my dog or I may be facing charges.

Why should she be charged?

You don't know what you are talking about! What should she be charged with? Hiring an idiot? The dog is hanging from a harness not it's neck. Sure it isn't funny but the photo is used to get even with the owner for firing him for stealing. The photo was taken years ago. This lady would never allow her business to be put at risk by allowing such behavior. I don't know her but I feel really bad at what she is going through right now so people, think about this before you condemn her.

Stupid People!

Animal cruelty is a misdemeanor! Thus a statue of limitations of two(2) years! Too LATE!!!!


It appears people care more about animals these days than they do people. Look at the picture . You can see the harness under the dog's arms. If there was no harness, the dog's arms would be hanging down more. Not sticking straight out. I'm not saying doing this for your own enjoyment is right in any way. Just saying. How about caring about people the way you appear to act like you care about animals! And this is only a picture of a animal. I doubt any of you know this animal.


If this person will do this to a animal, chances are that they are abusive to people.

Dog Picture

People who are mean to animals and convicted should have to register for animal cruelty site. Furthemore, State Dept. should be put in place for all breeders. A state license, and inpections. Just like any other business, hair salon. resteraunts, and pay taxes. People who are not complying. SERVERE FINES, AND JAIL TIME!!! When will these laws every be put in place.