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Do you think the Marine Corps should make a change to a unisex cap/cover?

USMC Cover

Here is the real problem. The uniform board has only two options. They are to [1] leave the male cover alone and incorporate a male style cover for the females or [2] to adopt the new style cover for everyone. A third option available should be to leave the male cover as is for males and to incorporate the new cover for females. Not every uniform items needs to be unisex.

They already started

They already started emasculating them by allowing open homosexuality. They don't need to do anything else.

usmc uniform change

If it's not broke don't fix it.Dempsey first! !!!

Marine Corps Covers

Should the Marines change their covers? As a Marine veteran, not only do I say no, but I say hell no. I have read that this was suggested from the White House. The White House needs to keep their hands off. Don't mess with Marine Corps tradition. Semper Fi.