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Do you think the new benches on 3rd St. at Red Cross should be removed to keep homeless from congregating?


Somehow I don't think the bench has much to do with homeless people congregating. Isn't there a shelter or the Y nearby there? Get a clue.

The benches should be removed immediately!

How dare those people without homes congregate where people can see them! Not only should the benches be removed, the sidewalks should be removed too so they can't stand on them while congregating! Next thing to be removed should be homeless shelters and soup kitchens. Homeless people are always congregating there too.

How dare homeless people congregate anywhere? They should be forced to live lives devoid of any other human contact, even contact with other homeless people.

It's just not fair that those of us that are blessed by not being homeless or jobless are being forced to be aware that these people even exist!

Another typical "Bandaid" solution...

... that would be fully ineffective at resolving the real problem. Like removing benches will actually eliminate the homeless people? Really? Perhaps only at that location. They can and will use any of the many, many others at their whim.
The thinking this city used to solve problems is no less than amazing!

People I would like to think

People I would like to think yaw have more to be concerned with in your life than a "bench", you got a city council and a mayor that are running around out of control spending money as fast as the fed's do themselves, and never mind the difference between those that own a home and do not, it's just 1 stroke of bad luck for a lot of people, like losing a job thru no fault of your own. We keep up over 200 countries world wide that can't stand us and now we are more concerned over a few of our own people!

Stop complaining about some benches!

People here need to stop complaining about petty things like this. People need somewhere to sit when walking downtown.It makes no sense to put benches there and then wanting to remove them. Leave the benches where they are for people who have trouble walking especially the handicap. It takes one or two people to complain about something as petty as this. Jesus wouldn't mind if the homeless sit on these benches because He will make sure they have a place to sit with Him. You may one day complain about Jesus or an Angel sitting and don't even know it.


Leave the dam bench alone. What is it gonna cost to remove it? Who cares where the homeless meet.

You are so right. I agree

You are so right. I agree with you.