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Do you think the staggered schedule for Brunswick County Schools is a good idea?

Please voice your concerns to the School Board

Voices are heard and numbers speak volumes. It may seem effortless at times but if enough parents ban together, something will come out of it. We cannot sit back idle and I trust the outrage parents have experienced since the staggered start took effect this year will encourage parents, students, teachers, staff and even community members alike to speak out.

We had no option this year. It was for the high schoolers to start early or elementary school. The majority voted for elementary schools to start later, therefore being released 1-hour later. For many parents, it may have been the lesser of the 2 evils considering high school students would be home in the evenings, but then again, the huge concern for many is having work schedules that begin before the school doors open at 8:15am. High schoolers starting earlier also enable them to get out at a decent hour for sports whereas before they were missing more school. Again, just the lesser of 2 evils for some. I have children in the elementary school at absolutely hate the staggered start times. It has caused issues with work and has cost my family more out of pocket. CIS does want you to use thier services--at a rate of $75/week per child for before and after school care; nearly as much as daycares charge to care for younger children who are are not independent, for over 40 hours per week. Way to go Brunswick County! On a positive note, we do have 1 SRO in schools but are children really safe if parents can't afford to pay for CIS services and are forced to leave them home alone to wait for the bus? That raises yet another issue. The drivers may be there early, maybe 1-hour late or your child may get home at 6:30pm. Talk about safety? At the same time the high schoolers are on the roads with brand new licenses. How is this saving money when buses are running the same amount of time? Cut PT employees and keep FT drivers which means benefits are provided but have them drive the same amount of hours (or more), the same amount of distance therefore spending the same amt of money on gas and maintenance. Something has to give!


Well it certainly has made the traffic in the morning a total nightmare. It's only day 4 of the new school year, and I've already wasted more time sitting in traffic trying to get to work in the morning on 7476 then I did the entire summer, combined. Gonna be a long freaking year...

Brunswick County Schools

This new schedule is not for us. Nowadays the parents have to use older children after school is out. We are all on different schedules then what the we were raised in. Parents are together divorced or widowed, The schools used to work together with all of us but not any more. Older kids get up earlier and younger children can sleep late if their parents or care givers can let them. This is not the way life is now.. People have to work, Children have homework in the evenings and sports. We all try to keep our children busy so that they stay out of trouble. Now we have to fork out more money for childcare. C I S is wanting us to use them and have to fork out money for that when we used to be able to use family members. Waiting at Lincoln Elem on the second day was 55 minutes.. Just sitting in our cars and wasting cars with the cars running. Late getting home for the ones in the Middle School... WE NEED TO GO BACK TO THE OLD WAY WHICH WERE NOT BROKEN, GOING TO SCHOOL AFTER LABOR DAY AND GETTING OUT ON FRIDAY BEFORE MEMORIAL DAY. School staring around 8 for all the schools and getting out between 2:30 and 3. Going to school for 180 days not 185. Schools claim they lose money on lunches and payroll but they will hire bus drivers and pay them benfites even if they only work part time and feeding our children extra food for 5 more days.... Who figures this out needs to have a parent meeting at EACH SCHOOL AND GET THEIR OPINION NOT THE SCHOOL BOARD. THANK YOU.

If you were educated under the old way..

If you were educated under the old way we definitely need a change.

Brunswick County Staggered School Schedule

I like the poll tonight is for the Brunswick County staggered school schedule. This idea was voted down by the people of Brunswick County a year ago, but was brought back without a choice at the end of the school year in May, with the parents only given the choice of which of the schools would start first.

It's irritating that the school board, and particularly the ever-aloof Superintendent Pruden (who still thinks that the people of Brunswick County need to have more training, apparently to accept his edicts), just go and do whatever they feel like doing, mindless of the stated wishes of the people of the county.


It was NOT voted down by the people of Brunswick County. It was not renewed by the school board (by one vote). When they saw how much they missed that savings the following year it was decided to be re-implemented. If you are going to put legislators into office who continue to gut the education budget, you are going to have to sacrifice to keep enough money in the budget to remain fully staffed. It's simple arithmetic.

It was voted down by the

It was voted down by the parents in Brunswick County. After dealing with the staggered schedule the first time around, we were given surveys and the majority of the parents stated that they did not want the staggered schedule. Last year, the survey given simply asked which school level was preferred to start later. They didn't even give us the option on the survey to say that we didn't want the staggered schedule.

I have been asking a question since the board voted in favor of the staggered schedule the first time around. No one seems to be able to answer it. How does a staggered school schedule save money? The buses run all of the same routes. The same number of man hours is need for people to drive the buses The same amount of gas, if not more, is being used.

Brunswick County Staggered School Schedule

Actually, it was voted down by the people of Brunswick County. We were given an opportunity to vote on it in the previous calendar year. It was well-publicized,and a survey to vote on the issue. We voted it down, which is why it initially only lasted one year. Then, during the last school year (in about May), they decided they were going to voice it down our throats, and only gave us the option of voting on which school (such as the elementary schools or the high school/middle school) would be first to start. We weren't given another opportunity to vote then, because they already knew how we stood on the issue.

The school superintendent here has made it clear that he could care less what the people of the county, and has made statements showing his contempt for the people of the county.

As for the education budget, there is certainly enough money being spent on education. The problem is that is being misspent by bureaucrats, and there are far too many high paid positions for people who have nothing to do with the education of children.

I haven't seen proof that it saves the county any money, but I do know that there is no excuse for kids in elementary school this year (and high school a couple of years ago when they started this ridiculous scheme) to get home so late.

Delayed Buses

Let's all just remember that there was a vote about a delayed schedule for elementary schools and the majority vote from parents was in favor of this schedule.

There was not a "for" or

There was not a "for" or "against" option in last year's survey regarding the staggered school schedule. The survey asked which group of schools should start later.

They did not give the "for" or "against" option because they knew that the majority of parents are against the staggered schedule. At the end of the first year of the staggered schedule, they actually asked our opinion on the staggered schedule and we said we didn't want it.

Delayed Buses

The choice was already made concerning the staggered school schedule for this year. The only choice we had this time was which would start first.

The problem is that they ignored the survey from the year before, we we voted to return to the normal school schedule. Despite the expressed will of the people of Brunswick County, the school board went back to the very unpopular staggered schedule. That's the problem.