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Do you think the traffic stop involving a city employee Monday was handled properly?

For anyone saying "no big

For anyone saying "no big deal" you must be on the side that gets the breaks. I don't blame the officer so much because its evident this "city employee" was using clout (look at me I'm more important than everybody else). Keep in mind this professional probably sped through a school zone as new hanover high is a few blocks down. No doubt the officer knew this person could make problems for him. Asking the officer how old he was, do you really think a younger man maybe late for class at cfcc would get this free pass or could so casually ask an officer of the law how old they were, its like saying "you must be a noob to think you can pull me over". The media should report obvious wrongs like this because this is a documented example..I recall many members of the council using their positions to get past LAWS...thompson did it. Sit in traffic court for a few hours and then say oh yeah council members should be excluded from the LAW.

city employee

I think if it was any one else they would have been at gun point . and gharged with evading an officer.He should be ticketed.

Traffic stop

The old saying is right. It's
not what you know it's who you know !!! Really poor judgement on the officer to let him run off and not have the guts to question Mr.Hotshot I'am to important to slow down and screw anybody in my way!!

Did officer act improperly

Both men acted improperly. The city council member for thinking that being a member of the city council gives him a "get out of jail free" pass and the officer for letting him go. Had it been a black man driving in that car, every available officer would have been at the stop with the man on the ground face down and in handcuffs. He would still be in jail as we speak.

different rules for different folks

The film shown on WWAY-TV of Mr. Johnson not stopping for an officer of the law, Officer Pearson, just because he was late for a City Council meeting shows how there are rules for US and rules for THEM. Had Mr. Johnson left for his meeting sooner with the CITY COUNCIL (!) he would not have had to speed. And low and behold Officer Pearce coward-ed right down when the guy said he was late for a CITY COUNCIL MEETING (!). So folks the moral to this story is you have connections you have it made with the police department as it is hands off. Had that been any of us "REGULAR FOLKS" we would have been pulled from our vehicle, thrown to the ground, knee in our back, hollered at for not stopping for a law officer and then us "REGULAR FOLKS" would have been hauled off to jail. And then our police department wants to know why we feel the way us "REGULAR FOLKS" feel the way we do.


I just watched the video and I don't see ONE thing that was worth the time for this to be a story or even talked about. So much ado about NOTHING!! Seems we're doing all we can to fill time WWAY.


I watched the video also and the officer didn't even have enough time to see if the guy had a valid license much less registration before he let him go.

The officer did not appear

The officer did not appear to let him go, he (Johnson)just left.

Yes, really

One expects the ASSistant city manager to obey traffic laws. He was speeding and decided to continue to his parking space instead of pulling over like anybody else is expected to do. If only that had been a state trooper.

It shouldn't be different

It shouldn't be different for people who work for any government agency. Several laws were broken, speeding & failure to stop for a police officer. If it had been an everyday person I believe the officer would have reacted differently.

city employee speeding

This man should have been given a ticket! He totally ignored the officer behind him for two to three blocks. As soon as he said he was late for a city meeting; it was like...oh well...just slow down...if that had been you or can bet we would have gotten a ticket!!!

City employee traffic stop

I guess that gives me a free out if I am in the way to a city council meeting also, or any other meeting. So handled wrong

I think I will try this and

I think I will try this and see if I get the same treatment. I see lawsuit in the future!

How about yes bc it IS the

How about yes bc it IS the officer's discretion. How about a poll on whether WWAY handled this non-story properly. This happens every day! Big deal!