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Do you think the Washington Redskins should change their name?

readskins name

if anybody is really worried about team names let them first help the oregon state womens' teams.

What has become clear is

What has become clear is that the media, nor the government seems interested in the opinions of those who support the team name and view it as a badge of honor and respect. This is because those who have openly opposed the name ultimately have a ‘PC’ or politically correct agenda at hand and don’t want the other side of the story to get out.

In May of last year, Native American, Robert “Two Eagles” Green, who retired from his presiding role over the 1300-member Patawomeck Tribe in March of that year, spoke on a NFL Sirius Radio show. Green said he will be offended IF the name is changed. The story didn’t receive much publicity but here are Green’s quotes that also point to the origin of the name.“I think that first of all, you have to make a decision whether you consider it offensive or not, and frankly, the members of my tribe, the vast majority, don’t find it offensive,” Green said. “I’ve been a Redskins fan for years and to be honest with you, I would be offended if they did change it.”

“And I think what you have to do is look at where the term Redskin was originated. There’s some that give the term Redskins a negative connotation to indicate that it was created by the white man, to offend the Indians. But in reality, the term Redskins came from the Indians. And they referred to themselves often times, in treaty negotiations and meetings with the early settlers, as Redskins.

“So it’s not a term that the white man created. It’s actually a term that the Indians themselves created. I just think we have people in this country that try and gin up problems that don’t exist.”

“Now, our investigation into the term goes back pretty far – to 1608 – when John Smith was traveling from Jamestown to meet with the Indian people, and he remarked in his diary that when they’re born, they’re as white as we are. It’s only as they age that their skin darkens.

“And we believe that that was a reason for that. We use a bug repellent, for lack of a better term, that was made up of animal fat and the dye of the Puccoon plant. And coincidentally, the Puccoon dye, when it’s crushed and dyed, is red. And so for years, the Indian people were rubbing this red dye into their skin. And some of the other early settlers remarked that their skin turns red. So, was that a comment meant to denigrate the Indian people? I don’t think so. I don’t think the name was created by George Preston Marshall to be offensive.”

“And if you look at the logo, there’s nothing offensive about the logo. I think one of the great things about the logo is that it’s an Eastern Indian, and they didn’t go to the full warhead headdress and things. It was never intended to be offensive. I think that sometimes, we’re a little too touchy in our society these days.”

Loyal Fan But....

I have been a Redskin fan since I was a little boy and can remember my "first" Redskin debate: Sonny or Billy at QB? Although the team nickname can be viewed in two ways (an American Indian reference or as a derivative of what members of the corrupt Tammany Hall political machine called themselves), I do think that it is time for a change. Although I do not like political correctness run a muck, the simple economics of the situation state that they could make MORE money off of a name change than they could be defending the current name. In addition, this team sorely needs more on-field success than off-field soap opera drama. It took me several years to stop calling the basketball team the Bullets and I am sure it will take me a long time to stop calling them the Redskins. But it is time to move on from these types of distractions and focus on putting a winning product on the field and rewarding the fans for their years of suffering.

Foolproof Solution...

Leave the name Redskins, slap a picture of a potato on the side of their helmet. Voila, everyone wins!


Look personally, begin the Dallas Cowboy fan that I am, I hate the Deadskins, but I hate Political PC crap even more. Go REDSKINS, fight the good fight!!

Washington Rdskins name change

If the name should get changed maybe we could name them the Washington Dumbasses in honor of the stupid politicians that are in Washington! No slander, not racist just the honest to goodness truth!

Washington Redskins Name Change

Along the same lines, what about the Washington Baboons? A group of baboons is called a congress. I think it's perfect.

Redskins name

I am tired of this political correct mess. The name has been used for so many years, and anything else with Washington wouldn't sound right. Besides, it's been great, great grandfathered in clause now, since it's so old. I am tired of hearing how it bothers a class. It's weird that it never did before and now it's a problem. They have spent a lot of money on marketing that logo, and people have spent a lot of hard earned money buying it

redskins name change

I'm a 1/2 breed NA,.......I think it honors me however I'm just as proud to have them re-named,....The WhiteSkins

Change it to something everybody likes

How about the "Potato Skins"? Everybody likes potato skins! They could even sell them at the stadium in little 6 oz. helmet baskets for about 8 bucks a pop. Wash that down with an ice cold eight oz. 12 dollar beer; now that's football!

Or something more representative of Washington DC

Something like the "Congressional Knuckleheads". Their logo could be an elephant and a donkey in bed together ... sound asleep.