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Do you think the Wrightsville Beach Police officers were in the right to hit Adam Mills?


Police should be able to do whatever they need to control the suspect. If a prisoner runs they should be allowed to shoot them. Look at all the money this would save tax payers from keeping the scum bags in jail or prison.


Yes and them being expert shots maybe they will miss and hit you.

And if it was Roy Cooper's son's face slammed on concrete?

And if it was Roy Cooper's son's face slammed on concrete?

SBI country boy thug AG Cooper would still think it was OK for police to act like this? Never in my life have ever seen an officer do anything like this in the State of North Carolina. But it's ok that we taxpayers pay for a lawsuit for THUGS that do their work like this and are given CREDOS by Attorney General ROY COOPER. Sounds like If I were them I would be looking around for whoever might sit and lie in wait like they do on duty, and slam their head like that, when they are off-duty.

Yet another case of some

Yet another case of some spoiled WB rich kid thinking he can get wasted drunk and do whatever he pleases. What happened to the good old days when people respected the police and understood how tough their job really is. If we allow these criminals to exert such behavior and go unpunished we'll end up with a total melt down of society. Case in point: all these kids who go into schools and shoot the place up, probably spoiled and never disciplined by their parents, just like this kid. If I was his dad I'd put a belt to him not help him disrespect the police by suing them. The new generations are a disgrace and it's all you slack parents fault. Remember that next time the little love of your life gets themselves in trouble. Stop coddling these kids, you're doing us all a grave injustice!!

He physically resisted. They

He physically resisted. They had the right to use physical force to restrain him.

They used far more force

They used far more force than was necessary to subdue the man. They were visibly angered and took that out on him. Hope he persues this in court as far as he can. They could have restrained him in his seat, but I guess they were hoping to be able to gang up on him and beat him. Disgrace to the uniform.

He had the handcuffs in the

He had the handcuffs in the front, and his repeated struggles, created an active threat to the officer's pistols. Each year several officers are killed in situations like this.

It was their duty to take him to the floor, and transfer the handcuffs behind his back.

Sorry, it looked rough, but the video clearly shows they tried to be "kind and gentle", several times, before he allowed them no other choice, but to slam him.

They had the authority to

They had the authority to use physical restraint to subdue the man who was resisting. They did not go overboard. They did what was necessary to restrain him. Would you rather they let him do as he wished?