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Do you think UNCW Chancellor Gary Miller is causing a distraction by being up for so many jobs?

Time for Mike Adams

Ultimately, the failures at UNCW rest with the Board of Trustees who are just "yes men" for the administration. Miller is just the latest hobby horse on the liberal Democrat merry-go-round of UNCW chancellors. Professor Mike Adams is the only person on that campus with common sense who understands what education should be about. Get rid of Miller and hire Adams as the new chancellor!

Seems like he should be at

Seems like he should be at UNCW doing what he is being paid to do. Let him look for another job on his own time.

Fix this

Stop all sports at UNCW. Give "full ride" scholarships to any athlete wanting to transfer to another UNC school to partake in sports. In the long run this will be far cheaper than continuing on with sports at UNCW.
Then put in a Medical school - with Brunswick Hospital and NH Hospital serving as training grounds.
Turn this into an institution of higher learning only

That would take one HUGE headache off the Chancellors plate and cause some HUGE cost savings as well.


Miller is just the first

Miller is just the first tree to fall. There are problems at UNCW in the leadership. They are unable to do anything due to their own incompetance. Nothing of note has occurred for 3 years this crowd has been there. The BOT are frustrated and the faculty are on the brink of a vote of no confidence in Miller and Battles. Maimone had decided to leave, leaving the school without a CFO. High level positions are left filled by interims for 2+ years resulting in huge moral problems with faculty and staff.

That's not why he's causing a distraction.

He's causing a distraction by bailing out on his job after he just got here. It also really rankles me that the idiots at UNCW blew about $85,000 on a party to welcome him. What a waste. That speaks volumes about what terrible stewards UNCW administration is with their (and by their, I really mean other people's) money.

Miller should have been

Miller should have been terminated at the first sign he was dissatisfied with his current job