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Do you think UNCW Chancellor Gary Miller should resign if he doesn't get one of the new jobs he's up for?


Dear Campus Colleagues and Friends,

I am writing to you this morning to share the news that I will resign my position as Chancellor of the University of North Carolina Wilmington, effective July 31. At that time I will become Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin- Green Bay.

I have often spoken about the great transition in American higher education we are now experiencing. This transition goes well beyond state divestment, which we have experienced for more than a decade. It also includes a disquieting skepticism of some of the most enduring values of the American Academy: academic freedom, the deep reflection and civil discourse of all ideas, the power of diversity and inclusion, an embrace of science and the fundamental commitment to the deep commonwealth value of colleges and universities in the communities in which they reside. To secure and sustain these essential values requires great vigilance and strength of character. I am honored to have the chance to continue this important work at UW-Green Bay. I encourage each of you to continue your efforts to strengthen the public commitment to higher education and to preserve one of the world’s great engines of enlightenment and prosperity: the University of North Carolina.

It is difficult to find the words to express the depth of gratitude Georgia and I feel for your great friendship and support during our time in Wilmington. You are one of the finest faculty and staff and administrative teams in the American Academy and it has been my honor to work with you. Your commitment to our students and our community has been inspirational. Your work to improve lives and extend learning is a testament to your citizenship and your humanity. Georgia and I love you all, and we will carry our Wilmington memories with us always.

Thank you,

Gary L. Miller


University of North Carolina Wilmington

The secret to success in life is sincerity ...

... and once you learn how to fake it, you've got it made.


he is intent on leaving. Has anyone kept count of the number of interviews or the number of resumes mailed?

If he had any sense of morality and professionalism, he would resign immediately.

But that won't happen. He likes the $280,000 cushion to fall back on in the event his job search is fruitless.

Isn't it time for the BOG to advise him his contract will not be renewed?

Time for a change and new direction...

The Board of Trustees needs to perform a thorough house-cleaning of the UNCW administration, starting with Miller. This school has become a liberal indoctrination cesspool. It started with Leutze and has become worse with every new president. UNCW tried its best to fire the only conservative professor on campus until the federal courts stepped in to prevent it. It's time for a change and a new direction at this school.

Why Wait?

clearly he's not happy. He's not focusing on the school or its future. Already, 1 senior administrator is moving to another school.

If I read a recent post correctly, he just put his name in the hat for another position.

His profile and actions are demeaning and detrimental to the school.

He should resign immediately.

And when his replacement is hired, his contract should have a stiff buy-out provision.

What is the problem?

In this day and time and in this economy a person should be looking to better their situation all the time. I can't say with any certainty that he is not performing to the expectations of the University and neither can you.I guess that we can speculate all we want but the fact is that he can go anywhere he wants to go if he can make it happen, and if leaving makes him happy - more power to him!