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Do you think UNCW should shut down its pool?


There should be no reason to shut down the pool nor get rid of the swimming and diving teams at UNCW. The teams are successful not to mention how having the facility is a direct asset to the community as a whole. I graduated from UNCW and have seen the university spend millions and millions of dollars on new dorms (which I might add one of the apt complexes has an outdoor pool), parking garages, new buildings for multiple departments sparing no expense. Most all the older buildings on the campus have been renovated within the past 10 years. New buildings have gone up. In this time period no one has mentioned the athletics program until now and they are recommending obliterating multiple programs! It is just outragous to me and goes to show that money has been mismanaged somewhere along the line.

The needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many?

Correct me if misinterpreted you, but it seems as if you are implying that if the university can afford new student housing and recreation facilities they have no business cutting sports programs. College is for learning, sports is a perk but it should not be the main focus. Student housing affects 50% or more of the student body at UNCW, student recreation facilities will likely be used by nearly 100% of students during their college life, however less than 10% of students participate in sports at UNCW. I think student housing improvements and student recreation facilities should far outweigh any sports program.

If they can afford to operate it and...

...maintain it without being in the red, keep it. Otherwise, fill it with dirt and make a nice garden.

UNCW Pool needs to stay open please.

There is a whole swim community that depends on this pool. Kids who may not make the baseball and football teams but can swim like champs will have nowhere else to go. Some practice 6 days a week at the crack of dawn and up to 8:30 at night. It keeps them busy and gives them goals. Please rethink this.

An oppotunity

For the city and county to take advantage of a facility, and for UNCW to reap some monetary reward.
Let the city/county and outside groups to rent the pool. Let them train lifeguards there and pay a fee. Same with the city. This should at least pay for upkeep while UNCW sorts out their athletic department mess.
And its a mess as people starting OBJECTING to Chancellor Millers recommendations to save the sports programs that they (the protesters) want saved.

I have yet to hear:
"Cut this specific item and this specific item."

"We have raised enough funds to make swimming and diving team viable."

Until I hear that then we will have proposed cuts, objections to those cuts and noting will get done. While all this transpires other sports will continue to gush money losses.
I say start from NOTHING and add the most popular sports, and those that come closest to break even until you reach "outside revenue, and budget" equals cost.
My guess is that we'd have men's and ladies basketball and men's baseball. That's OK start from there.
Then say to boosters and alumni:
IN order we will re-instate:
1 - men's ladies track and field:
If we raise $200,000
2 - Men's and ladies track and field
If we raise $350,000
3 - Men's and ladies swimming and diving
If we hit our total fund raising goal of $500,000

PUT the onus on the boosters and alumni. I used phoney figures but you see the point.......

The " In the Red" excel

The " In the Red" excel file says it the way, NCAA uses the term "Men's &Women's", instead of " Men's & Ladies'".

in the red

Surprisingly, the most popular sports are the ones most in the red.
Check this out:

How about alternative funding sources

So many comments lately have spoken about how the UNCW pool is a community asset. If this is truly the case, why not open the pool up for the entire community to use? I know I and many others would gladly pay $1 or $1.50 per use to use the pool. This could easily generate thousands of dollars every year which could be put towards facilities improvements. If you want more people to step up and support the UNCW Swimming/Diving programs and the pool in general, your first step needs to be making it a more integral part of the surrounding community.


Just curious - who paid for the pool?

the pool is one of the best

the pool is one of the best exercises. It is also a relaxer...what a shame to take it away if for no reasons but these

Shut down the pool, and the

Shut down the pool, and the athletic fields. Do away with Running, Swimming, Tennis, Softball, Soccer,and Volleyball. They cost too much.

After all, we need millions, each year, for "underprivileged minority" students, to get completely free meals, rooms, books, and pier diem. We also need the hundreds of thousands we pay guest speakers, like Rueben "Hurricane" Carter, and Mayo Angelo.


no, they should get rid of the diversity program! and the other 100 or so $100,000 dollar jobs.

close pool,no


UNCW pool

It's ashame when a program like UNCW swimming, having won 12 straight conference titles is even having this discussion. I think the UNCW Athletic Department needs to look deeper into how they're mismanaging their finances.


The shutdown of the UNCW pool directly impacts our entire community. No more summer swim lessons for hundreds of the community's children. No more high school swim teams (high school conference meets are held at the UNCW pool since the public schools do not have a pool). Far fewer highly qualified lifeguards at the local beaches (many of the lifeguards are UNCW swimmers). We are a beach/swimming community! I can't understand why more people aren't outraged!

The swim team at UNCW is

The swim team at UNCW is excellent- they sent five swimmers to the last Olympic Trials in Nebraska- the men have won the last 12 conference championships. This is excellence.
The pool is also used by more than just the university swim team.
Hundreds of children learn to swim in the spring and summer months- they need to have warm water and thus be indoors.
Also, the area swim team, WOW, utilizes the pool for its agegroup program. Where else would they go?
The pool at UNCW is brings the university and the surrounding community together under the flag of swimming.
thank you