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Do you think VA Secretary Eric Shinseki's resignation will help fix the agency's problems?

Stop the Bonuses...ALL TOGETHER!!!

The "DEMISE of BIG BONUSES" completely will help alleviate what happened...which The Secretary did before resigning next to firing an A** load of exec's...but that only affects far. Don't stop now.
Stop the bonuses completely. It's not about these big shots cutting cost just to dip from the's *Completely* about our Military Service Veterans. Nothing more...nothing less!
All these corrupt CEO's/Upper Execs/etc. need to be shown the door of a Jail Cell...and no more of this Slap on the Wrist. (I.E.) GM's Mary Barra gets a $35 million penalty? You've got to be joking...but then today's world it just opens the door a little wider for more corruption with very minutiae penalties.
Talking about salaries and bonuses...feast your eyes:
In case you didn't know this:

The problem is a President

The problem is a President who hates America. Releases illegal alien criminals out on the streets, turns a blind eye to Americans under attack, shuts down Gibson guitars based on bogus use on the law, uses the IRS to silence his political opponents, and sits idly by while the VA gets worse and worse.

To support Obummer is to spit on this great country.

His resignation will not "fix" it....

...but it is absolutely essential to the cause. I just wish Obama and his cronies would follow him. There has been so much government corruption exposed under his watch that's it's mindblowing. All of them turning this great country into a big, fat worldwide joke!

*NSA scandal
*IRS scandal
*Obamacare lies and kickoff (and it ain't over yet!)
*Millions of people losing insurance due to Obamacare
*Clintons lies
*The release of thousands of illegal aliens in prison set free on society. Thank you Eric Holder!
*Eric Holders scandals
*Lack of action to control our borders
*"Fast and Furious" scandal...don't forget that one!
These are to but mention a few....

Our government today is comprised of nothing more than a bunch of self-centered, self serving, non-patriotic cartons of crap! Responsibilty, accountability and focus on what is best for the citizens of this country have gone right out the window in the form of supreme greed.

It probably won't fix a lot

It probably won't fix a lot, but it's a start in the right direction. Hey, ya gotta start somewhere!

Prez should have jumped on this a lot quicker as well.