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Do you think voter fraud is a problem in NC?

Programming voter machines?

While monitoring the poles in Southport, I was told by voters that many people voting one way and the machine automatically jumped to a different candidate. Voters had to be told to review their choices to insure that their votes went to the candidate of their choice. Faulty machines or deliberate fraud??

Voting Machines Can Be Programmed

We vote @ the Rugby precinct. Upon a friends suggestion we decided to press the "review" button before casting our vote. To our surprise and dismay, our votes for Congressman defaulted to the opponent. Not once, but twice. The third "review" showed our vote staying in the correct selection. But we still wonder....did it stay there? No, our vision is not impaired.
Also, I continue to see a name of a person on the register who moved away long, long ago. Each election I remind the lady sitting at the table. (Betcha that former resident 'votes' anyway).

As citizens of this country,

As citizens of this country, the most powerful thing we can do is to vote. Why should we have a problem with proving that we have the right to exercise that power?

This is not about Voter Fraud

If this was truly strictly about voter fraud, as claimed, then why the restrictions on early voting days and hours? Why the end of early registration that assures an 18 year old is eligible to vote the day they turn 18? This is about suppressing the vote of voters who need to vote early and young people. Period.

Those things do not suppress

Those things do not suppress voters who want to vote. There is still the same amount of time available to vote. They are even open later, which will help working folks be able to make it to the polls. We had much longer than most states. Lessening the weeks means fraudsters who might bus groups to various places have less time to travel around voting. Additionally, it costs less. Stopping the registration of kids prior to being eligible to vote does not stop them from voting. Most states do not do this. When you sign up 17 year olds, it puts more names on the registration that won't vote because most of them won't even remember they were registered. This leaves more names available to possibly try to vote in their place. There are plenty of places to register when they are of age. If they are responsible enough to vote, they are responsible enough to register.

I voted no b/c everyone

I voted no b/c everyone knows voter fraud is something them old racest republicens made up to try to keep minorioritys from voting cause everyone knows them colored folks dont got no drivers license and there has never ever been a single confirmed case of voter fraud in the entire history of the united states and how else are us democrats gonna get borat heussein muhammad obama elected for a third time in a row lol

Voter ID

The argument is ridiculous, as everyone in America shows ID for most everything important, and voting IS important. For those who don't want it, I say they want to keep it so loose, so it can be abused. Why else would they challenge it? GA has had vote ID for some time, and it actually increased the number of people voting!

That is actually one of the

That is actually one of the major reasons that Dems fight voter ID and claim that it is trying to suppress the black vote. They know the fear mongering will jump start their base. It increases minority vote because they think someone is trying to take away their right to vote, which is nonsense.

Why are the democrats

Why are the democrats fighting picture ID? Why do the democrats say there isn't any voter fraud in spite of the overwhelming evidence? Why is it that every case of voter fraud involves a democrat? What is the sole common factor here?

Fraud comes in red and blue

Why is it that every case of voter fraud involves a democrat? What is the sole common factor here?

>>> I research this, day in and day out. People from both parties cheat, they just use different methods. It doesn't matter which party you support, the NC voter rolls are a MESS and they need to be cleaned up for everyone's benefit.

The reason the Democrats do

The reason the Democrats do not want Photo ID's is because they want to cheat. When someone is so against showing a photo ID they have something to hide.

Woter fraud at WCU

I was a student at Western Carolina University during the election. Teachers offered 1 point added to your grade if you brought back a voter sticker. The school transportation system, "Cat Tran," bussed people to the polls all day. I heard the pool worker tell one person that their information did not match, and the second worker told them to just use the Western address of 245 Memorial Dr. and to let them vote. Students were using their student ID's. The ID's have no information about state, age, or country of origin, only their name and picture.
Of over 1,000 votes contested in that election, more than 500 were from WCU, with the address of 245 Memorial Dr.
Additionally, I had to continue to reselect my candidate because the machine kept automatically putting Obama as my choice.
So, YES, there is absolutely voter fraud.

I have heard tons of

I have heard tons of anecdotal stories of obvious fraud that went unchallenged at the polls. I have also read stories of fraud that was caught here in NC and have seen where hundreds of cases were referred to the board but never followed up on.
The political climate in America today is so divided and there are many people who would do anything to see their side win. Voting is such a precious right. It is sad when people believe that their informed votes (that they invested a lot of time educating themselves to reach) will be canceled out by a cheater.
Common sense steps like photo ID are necessary to prevent cheating and we also need to follow through prosecuting voter fraud and to be tougher on those who are prosecuted.


our elections are too important to NOT have to show i.d. !!!

Yes there is Voter Fraud in NC

We know that there is voter fraud! It is a large problem in this state as well as all across the nation! I saw several elderly people who had never voted before, brought to the polls by their sons to vote carrying a paper put out by the Democrats! I don't say some Republicans aren't also guilty of voter fraud; but the majority is done by the Democrats!

Why shouldn't we be required to show a photo ID when we must show one to board a plane; cash a check at a bank; obtain a library card; obtain alcohol beverages ; when we go to a new doctor they require a photo ID; show at a hospital such as Duke Hospital; The Democratic Convention in Charlotte required a photo ID!!



Voter fraud

APR 3, 2014–Raleigh–In response to Wednesday’s (Apr 2) stunning Board of Elections disclosure of up to 36,515 voters suspected of committing felony election fraud,

voter fraud survey

I now have seen it all.

For years the conservative party has whined about voter fraud. For years it is a proven fact that voter fraud is not a problem. Based on the survey results thus far, it is evident 75% of the voters pay no attention to what is going on in NC. I do not have the exact percentage of voter fraud but I would expect WWAY can obtain it.

In 2016 when voters will have to present a drivers license or some other id with their picture, the chance of voter fraud will be reduced from a very small percentage to close to -0-, but it will never be eliminated. There will always be people in both major parties that will try to vote multiple times.

I agree voter fraud will

I agree voter fraud will never truly be eliminated but a similar statement can be made for many of our rules. Do you ever speed? That doesn't mean we shouldn't try.

NC has not been looking for

NC has not been looking for fraud and bends over backwards not to prevent it or to prosecute it. Our state is finally starting to do a little to find it and prevent it. Just last week the Board of Elections found over 35,000 NC voters who had matching first names, last names, and dates of birth with individuals who voted in 27 other states. Of course all 35K were not fraud, but there will definitely be some of these that did commit fraud. Over 700 had the the same names, birthdays, and final four digits of their SSN.
Additionally they just found that 81 dead people voted in NC in 2012 as well. While some were absentee ballots submitted prior to their death, about half of them were not, so there was definitely fraud that has not been discovered and how do you catch them now?

Voter Fraud

If someone in our area can be arrested for filing over 30,000 fraud income tax returns for illegals (which wouldn't have been filed unless they were receiving refunds!) over the past five years then certainly many can vote and not be a citizens. What in the world does it hurt ANYONE to show an ID? My mother did not drive the last 20 years of her life yet she went to the NC Driver's License Bureau and got an ID card that had her photo on it. Now the ones against doing this say they can't get to the NC License Bureau to obtain one of these ID cards yet they have ways to go to the locations to vote.
But it would not hurt NC if we could indeed get folks to open their eyes to having a photo ID card then NC could offer transportation to polls on voting days. Even the candidates could do this wouldn't you think?

voter fraud

of course there is not just here but everywhere. How else do you think Obama got a second term??

Judging by the results of

Judging by the results of this poll, I'll say, yes, voter fraud appears to a problem.

Exactly. If people believe

Exactly. If people believe it is a problem, then it is. We should do everything we can to make sure people are confident that elections are honest. They are too important not to.


The only comment the results of this poll makes is in regards to the intelligence level of most of the respondents. IN PERSON Voter fraud is a non-existent problem. Despite the whining and moaning from the right, Illegal immigrants DO NOT VOTE! Why would they risk being caught and deported to cast a ballot? The bigger problem with NC's Voter ID laws is the other restrictions it places on voting, such as reduced early voting locations and hours, and the repeal of the Motor Voter bill which pre-registered 16 year olds to become eligible to vote on their 18th birthday. The bill did NOTHING to fix the real source of voter fraud, Absentee Ballots.

You obviously did not even

You obviously did not even read the results of the report which included confirmation of 'dead people' voting. Obviously, people cast votes for them. In addition, some people voted who stated they were not citizens when called for jury duty. So yes, non-citizens do vote.

How would anyone know that

How would anyone know that in-person voter fraud is virtually non-existant? It is rarely even investigated, let alone prosecuted. Voter rolls are public information and can be accessed by anyone online. All a person needs to do is check the rolls and go on the first day of early voting and cast a ballot in their name. I'm sure we all know people who rarely, if ever vote and even if that person shows up later and tries to vote, the person who illegally cast their ballot is long gone and can never be prosecuted. I know people who have gone to the polls to vote, only to be told that somebody already voted in their name. And yes, illegals DO vote. Even according to the I.C.E. director there is virtually "zero chance" of interior deportation of illegal aliens, even if they are caught committing a crime. They are often paid to go and vote and are even driven there by those doing so, (ie. unions). I forget which state, but in 2012 a union bussed in a whole bunch of Somali immigrants who spoke no English, but were all told to vote straight Democratic ticket. Nobody was allowed to even ask their immigration status, let alone ask for an ID or proof of citizenship. Without voter ID laws, voter fraud is incredibly easy to commit and difficult to prove or prosecute, even in the very rare cases it is investigated.

Get real

Get real, If we keep our heads in the sand no one will ever know the truth and they won't care either.

The Founding Fathers wanted us to be involved and know the facts. If you care not to educate yourself in the miriad ways of fraud today, that is your peerogative.
A sad day it is....

"IN PERSON Voter fraud is a

"IN PERSON Voter fraud is a non-existent problem"
>>>> Really? What do you base that on?
The SBE has charged hundred and hundreds of persons with
in-person voter fraud. Not a single one has ever been brought to justice, and that is so people like you can deny it exists.
Are you a Holocaust denier, too, because you weren't there to see it in person?

voter fraud

voter ID should be the LAW of the land!! The people who oopose it KNOW that if the law is passed, they will have a hard time winning elections, because the only way they winn is to CHEAT! The excuses they use to oppose the law is LAME! But it gives them leverage. Its not RIGHT.

Voter Fraud

I do believe it is a major problem that should be dealt with
at both the local and national level. There needs to be an
overhaul of the system as a whole, in order to restore faith
in it. The problem with that though, would be pretty much the
same people and/or agencies would be in charge of doing it.