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Do you think voter I.D. should be required in North Carolina?


What is to stop me from going in and voting, and then a few hours later going in a pretending to be my neighbor so that I can have 2 votes for the person that I want to be elected. Then when my neighbor would eventually go in they would have them marked as voted when in fact they hadn't voted themselves. In Pennsylvania when we went to the polls we had to show our voter registration card and I never understood when we moved down here why we didn't have show anything. My father and I have questioned the workers at the polling places to get their opinion on how they would handle someone coming in pretending to be someone else. They didn't have an answer. The right to vote is for those who have citizenship in America, I can't believe we would allow non-citizens to vote. We have to have a system that a person can show at the polls to prove that they are eligible to vote in that election. Forget giving your name and address. I could vote several times myself just pretending to be someone different on my street. I would know their addresses and names. I am sure that I am not the only one who has thought of this idea and just maybe I would get the nerve to do it next election time to prove a point.

Ummm... correct

You should have to have ID just to walk down the street. No ID take the person downtown until it can be determined who the person is.Thats always been the proper way to do things Let them cry at the police station.