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Do you think Wilmington should allow a family to keep chickens they say help their autistic son?


Have them declared service animals then they protected by the ADA.0

Would they deny him a seeing

Would they deny him a seeing eye dog if he was blind? Why is a chicken any different...a therapy animal is a therapy animal even if it has feathers instead of fur.

Chickens for autistic child

Absolutely an exception can & should be made! This is so much more than unusual pets, it's THERAPY! Anything that can be done without spending millions of dollars shouldn't even be questioned in my opinion.

What about an elephant?

I want to see the note from a doctor. Any parent can say x to garner some sympathy.

My child is autistic...having a horse helps him. A cow, even bettter. But an elephant is best of all!

If you live in the city, the ordinance is pretty clear. Did the doctor say, hmmm...maybe having a roost of chickens will help your son, or did they just go out and do this?

Go back to class

Go back to class and study for the Miller's Analogy Test, because your comparison here is as effective as a three legged cat trying to bury turds on a frozen pond.
Aside from the fact that elephants are not common animals in our region, they also don't lay eggs.

Who are you to say what an

Who are you to say what an autistic person should have. Have you ever heard of Temple Grandin who actually spoke at UNCW about how she learned to be a functioning member of society because of her love of cows/livestock? Don't know if you are a parent, grandparent or ever will be, but be careful what you say others shouldn't be able to do because you never know what is in store for your life. You might one day have a difficult situation or relative that you are desperate for some kind of help for!!!

omg. so retarded!

the cities should either BAN ALL animals, or let them have ANY domesticated animal, livestock and exotics included, that they have the ability to care for. jeeze. if theyre worried about making money... make a freakin' permit! theyre doing the EXACT same thing in DeBary, Florida. :( chickens are WAY better than smelly "pets" most people havr anyways. ;D

if this is the same thing i

if this is the same thing i read on other site when kid got chickens it was not aginst the law they recently changed law to out law chickens so he should be grandfathered in as he got them before it was illegal


Simply restrict roosters, if noise is the issue. Chickens can be quieter than dogs.

What's wrong with chickens?

What's wrong with chickens? Certain laws are obsolete. It might would do some good if everyone could keep a few chickens in their backyard. If you have only 3 or 4 chickens, they DON'T smell and they help with recycling and help provide food for the family. Come on Willmington, GO GREEN! They should change their law and allow a maximum of maybe 3 or 4 chickens in a backyard.


If these pets are really helping this kid, he should be allowed to keep them. If you agree, find out who is on the city council that opposes that and vote against them if they are up for re election.

As long as the handicapped

As long as the handicapped enjoy special parking spots almost everywhere, this kid should be able to keep his pets.

Keep the chickens !

Let the kid keep the birds and get rid of the city idiot who is pressing the issue. I promise you someone did complain about the chickens, because typically the city doesn't get off their ass unless someone does complain, but it probably wasn't one of the next door neighbors, who are the only one's who should have a say in this. If that is the case, the city should bury the file and leave the poor family alone. More than likely the sad unhappy person who did complain will have found some other pressing problem to grip about and will move away.


Making a big deal over this kid having 3 chickens??? makes no sense. People next to me have at least 20 laying hens. who cares as long as they aren't loud roosters?
leave the kids chickens alone. a barking dog is far more annoying.


I understand and agree that laws should apply to everyone but I am sure that there is a way for the family to get around this (ie the therapy animal idea)in a legal and fair way . If the neighbors don't have an issue, then the family shouldn't be pressed to get rid of the birds. God bless these folks. I really hope things work out!

City 'vs' Chickens

It seems to me that the City of Wilmington is MORE CHICKEN than the CHICKENS!!!! TAKE CARE OF CRIME and DRUG DEALERS and leave the tax paying citizens ALONE!!! These CHICKENS are ALL HENS....They are PENNED up.....there are NO ROOSTER to do their Cock-a-doo-da-doodle-do!!! Sounds like the City of Wilmington are the roosters trying to find something to CROW about....What a stink!!!! Let this boy keep his pets!!!!!


Doesn't the City of Wilmington have bigger things to "fry" than CHICKENS......Oh Please!

Let the child work with the pets and YOU take care of some of the REAL PROBLEMS in the City!


We might all want to think about getting some chickens depending on how the election turns out!

The city of Wilmington

The city of Wilmington should be ashamed of themselves well whoever is making the big deal of it. If it were their family member involved I'm sure an exception would be made. Dealing with autism is hard enough by itself yet let alone someone of right mind not knowing and not caring. Anyone not willing to help a child out with autism and even the neighbors say let him keep the chickens my gracious, let the boy keep them. My son has ADHD and we have two chickens and we all love them. And I agree with the mother something about the chickens does help the kids. My son stays content feeding and taking care of and also playing with them!! Let the boy keep his chickens!!

Service Chicken

Why not spend more time getting the drug dealing off Dawson right in the open, Police drive right by and ignore it. What's wrong with priorities?


maybe if you threw a few chickens on the corner...