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Do you think Wilmington's $37 million ballpark bond referendum will pass?

Again, and again, and again

Civitas I II, and III PPP/Capstrat and now this
All showing 80% or so against.
This evidence shows that WWAY has been right all along.
Curtis Wright has been "wright"
I don't know what it takes to convince some people in town about things like this but
This 80% number just keeps on showing up all over the place.


just like the convention center

just like the convention center passed as "NO" and saffo still built it.

Convention center?

There was no vote on the convention center because it was not built with property taxes.


Here is this pesky 80% against showing up once again......

Any city property owner and tax payer

who votes for the referendum is not much different from a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.

Hey now Tom

You never know what will happen.
Hell could freeze over......
We could see unicorns (I love that one).......
We could fall off the edge of the earth.......

I'm HOPING the loss is BIG.
Not to embarrass Mandalanta - but to send a clear unmistakable message to them, Ripken and whoever else MAY be interested.
Do NOT think we will pay for YOUR playgrounds any longer.
We love baseball - but YOU will have to foot the bill
Keep the revenues at that point - I DON'T CARE !!!
Just don't make US pay for it


I believe Ripken

will step up to the plate. They do have private financing sources; and they are looking at more than just a ballpark.

That does not mean they would not ask for some property tax assistance after construction is completed just as has been given PPD & others when they made a significant investment of private dollars.

..couldn't have said it

..couldn't have said it better myself. Let the owners PAY FOR IT. Anyone who would consider paying for any franchises stadiums and arenas is ludicrous.