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Do you think a wind farm out in the ocean could help weaken a hurricane?

wind mills

Of course it would. When you take energy from one thing and put into another, it takes away from the 1st. That's common sense. Will it really make a difference that we can tell on land. ?????
I know if the wind mills in the ocean affect the fish the same way the oil rigs do in the gulf, then our fishing will improve 1000 percent. If you disagree you need to go the gulf and go fishing. amazing.

I believe wind farms can

I believe wind farms can decrease the strength of a hurricane like I believe in global warming and the affordable care act is a great plan and is working wonderfully!

I do not think that.

I think that a hurricane out in the ocean could help weaken a wind farm.

I seems to reason that a

I seems to reason that a wind mill runs of the force of the wind. In doing that it would slow down the wind as it uses the energy. Also the fishing would be great around them.

Put Obama out here, he can

Put Obama out here, he can destroy anything.

Great idea,for that

Great idea,for that matter,could we move the whole D.C.area out there and leave us alone.There wouldn't be a need for the wind generators,D.C.generates more than enouph hot air to cancel a hurricane.
My question is,do these people get payed to come up with this rubbish?What nonsense!!