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Do you think Wrightsville Beach Police having body cameras and license scanners is a bit too much?

Is there a problem at WB that I don't know about?

The local WB newspaper posts a police report and it's usually really boring stuff. I know there are bad people all over the place, and they want to keep their police report "boring", but these things just don't seem necessary to me. If there were and issue I'd say go for it and spend the money, but I just don't see the need at the moment.

Not So Neutral about at least pretending to be impartial in polling your viewers? One choice is positive, one is negative, then the last is neutral..."Don't know/Don't care." However, you chose to have 2 negative options and one positive. "Don't know/don't care-I go anywhere BUT Wrightsville Beach" doesn't sound very neutral to me.

Just one more reason to add

Just one more reason to add to the list to stay the heck away from Wrightsville Beach...

Whats next? Drones?

Whats next? Drones?


We already have a SABLE helicopter.
Why not a drone or two?
Some cities have listening devices down town to monitor for gun shots - so why not drones?
Why not equip them for long range metal detection? That way when a law abiding citizen walks on to River Walk inadvertently carrying his weapon along with his CWP the drone can launch a Hellfire missile - problem solved !! The city can then ask the county for "waterfront renewal" project monies (used to be called Beach Re-nourishment) to repair and extend the Walk?
This post is very sarcastic to point out the absurdity of WB's actions and proclivity for spending money.
How Orwellian have we become?
How 1984-ish (albeit 30 years late)


WB residents ...... Living in shame

WB residents ..... This is how you choose to define yourselves?

If I supported something like this in my town I would have to scrub myself in the shower every 15 minutes just to not feel dirty. Shame on you.

Only Wrightsville Beach

Only Wrightsville Beach would do something like this. If they could, they would shut the beach down to anyone except the ones that live there. I guess it is a high crime area since they need cameras on the body and to check tags. I would wear a body camera too if I was scared, after all the mess they do.