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Do you think you should get a parking ticket if there are no signs to warn you about time limits?


Do Pigs Fly????

How about putting parking

How about putting parking tickets on all of the WPD vehicles illegally parked in front of the Courthouse?

Oh yeah! Leland police out

Oh yeah! Leland police out of control again.

Leland Parking

The Leland Police give a warning ticket to parking violaters the first time. The Leland ban on street parking is for safety. In my neighborhood if cars are parked opposite each other then it is very difficult for emergency vehicles to get through.

parking in Leland

How is it legal to give a parking ticket when no signs are posted or there is no yellow curb or fire hydrant? It doesn't matter if someone is parked for 5 minutes or 5 hours, he/she should not be ticketed if there is not a "no parking" sign. This is not community or tourism friendly.

No Parking Tickets

People should always be accountable to the law, but they must first be aware of the law. I feel it is only fair that there be signs denoting no parking for the police to be able to give people tickets.

stupid parking law in Leland

I would not have bought our home in the Leland area (Westport)had anyone advised me of this stupid application of such a blanket parking law. Each sub-area HOA or residents in general should have a say of whether or not on street parking is legal, including time of day or at night only etc.

And... no law should be applicable in a given neighborhoods streets unless it has a sign (or signs)indicating such. Requiring a permit for a single night or two is just plain inconsiderate of the people living on any given street in neighborhood should be based on the situation involving that specific street.... not blanket application of an inconsiderate crop of politicians or legal advisors... it is a direct affront to the population of the town and should have only been applied after a vote of that population in the first place.... GDC

Parking In Leland

What number does a Homeowner call in ordder to receive permission for Guest Parking at our Home?

Google: Leland Town Office and ask them.

Duh !