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Does the proposed new look for WPD cars "intimidate" you?

stupid question for idiots

This question has been on the website for days now. Don't you think this is a stupid question? I, personally, think it's time to take it down and in the future you need to try and be a bit more serious with your questions. This really is stupid.

I believe a police car is

I believe a police car is supposed to intimidate people, but I believe a black and white is very traditional color scheme.

Cost of paint job

The real question should be what is the added cost for the paint job, a standard color has no up charge.

This two tone paint job has an added cost my guess is at least a thousand dollars per car.

okay here is the deal

okay here is the deal. either do a paint scheme of rainbows, flowers, dolphins and turtles with a 50 cal mounted on top, with guns mounted on the sides of the car too, okay add a tank turret. Or, we could do a black and white paint scheme.

Are you kidding me, Maybe

Are you kidding me, Maybe they should put the WPD on scooters to even the playing field, And take away their guns because they make loud noises and it might scare the dirt bags when they are robbing a store or holding up a cab driver

Stop reporting this nonsense.

What does worry me...

Is the short cop Crumpler and those like him with the little-guy complexes that attempt to goat the public with insensitive remarks pertaining to their mothers.. Who does that? One of Wilmington's finest who is known on Market Street to be a hot headed little man with an underdeveloped mentality. Store owners and clerks have watched this little guy bully anyone that intimidates him by being taller than he is.

And by mothers...this Wilmington cop was speaking of having breakfast with the mother..insinuating having been with her overnight. How he would tell the mother all her son had done...How clever officer Crumbles:) you are a little, tiny boy. They need to get you off the streets and tie you to a little desk job.

That really gets my goat!

Nothing gets my goat more than cops attempting to goat the public with insensitive remarks pertaining to mothers.

What I find so deeply disturbing about this is that I, like you, have no idea what that means.

Why don't

you take your innuendo and gossip to the Chief or DA?

Give them some facts so they can take appropriate action.

So far all you've done is spread manure and gossip.

To borrow a phrase from Devito in "Twins" -- " talks and bs walks..."

So, will you be walking or talking?

Police Intimidation

Aren't there laws against police intimidation?!


Why not get the cheapest version and then apply a car wrap? Then the design can change periodically in case anyone is too intimidated.

I vote for making the cars look like Elmo. Instead of sirens, the cars can emit the laugh track from tickle me Elmo. The cops can wear big bird costumes. No cookie monsters... too scary.

I see how this can be

I see how this can be intimidating. It looks like a race car from an action movie, rather than a standard police charger. THAT IS NONSENSE about it being more noticeable by the dark color because at night time that concept goes out the window. THEY DO NOT NEED AN UPGRADE. WORRY ABOUT BEING A POLICE WITH A SAFE VEHICLE THAT REPRESENTS WILMINGTON. NOT A "COOL COP."

So, they want "PC" police vehicles?

They've been using the black and white scheme since well before the 1940's, why would it be intimidating now? Oh, maybe because we have so many more gang members now. Wanna change the blue lights to pink as well so they won't be so intimidating when they come on? Make them black and white, sit down, shut up and place a box of Krispy-Kreme's on the dash! I've never heard of such a whiney-butt bunch of pansies that exist under Ol' hairspray Saffo (to include him)! Geeeeezzz...

New WPD car

Not at all, once again you will know when it's a police car. Nostalgia is great. These cars use to demand respect when seen. Now to get rid of the unmarked cars.

Saffo fiasco

Approving changing the cars is an absolute waste of money. This board just will not listen or learn. Saffo has GOT to be in the big middle of this fiasco. He doesn't listen or learn, for sure.

Help me, I'm so intimidated !!!

I can't eat, I can't sleep, but mostly I'm terrified that I'll turn into Laura Padgett!

Old Timey

Intimidating? Not really. At first glance, it gives me the impression of a small town. Not a modern technologically advanced town.

New patrol cars

The only way any police car would intimidate anyone is if they did something illegal. Color doesn't mean squart

New patrol cars

The only way any police car would intimidate anyone is if they did something illegal. Color doesn't mean start



new police cruisers

It doesn't matter what color the cars are, it is the man or woman wearing the uniform behind the wheel of that car that matters. I was taught to respect the police, but something has happened to our younger generations, and they don't believe it makes a difference if a person is an officer upholding the law or not. So the color of Wilmington's police cars are not going to change the attitudes of anyone.

Any marking is better than no markings

It would help avoid situations like this morning when an unmarked police car with plate NC ACD-8000 went flying through a crosswalk while I was halfway across the street. The cops that drive these unmarked cars know full well that they can do anything, since there's no way a civilian can report them being stupid.