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Have you received a flu shot this winter?

Flu shots

I thought it was common knowledge that the flu shot was primarily intended for 6 month to 4 year olds and those that are 50 years and older. It isn't really that necessary for those in between but it might help with some strains. High dose shots are actually harmful for those under 64 years.

So I could see why many people don't get them. The odds of you being protected from flu shots given the multiple types is probably the same as you picking up the common flu when you don't get the shot (assuming you are abiding by most standard sanitary considerations).

If you are in a business where your PTO is the same as your sick time off, you should always get the flu shot to minimize the risk of losing PTO. If your sick days off are separate from PTO, well then I suppose the only incentive is being nice to friends and family.

flu shot

I got a flu shot back in Sept. I still got sick with Type A flu. It's not 100% effective.


I can't understand why people won't get their flu shots. We have had quite a few people in our area that have had the flu and I have asked them why - the reasons range from "They are not necessary" to "It is a conspiracy by our government to keep giving us these things" What?!!!

The flu can be extremely dangerous especially to those small children or adults with compromised immune systems. Some people say that can't afford them - I couldn't either but I found a way to pay for it. The cost of a shot is far less than a trip to the doctor's office.

In this day and time, people should not die from the flu, but yet in 2011, over 6000 people in the US died. Yes, some of them had other illnesses that contributed, but some of those who died did not.

People need to set aside their fears of the shot and get them. It could be their own lives they save. How fair is it to others around you that you don't get your shot or you don't give your children the vaccine, and they spread the flu around?

Get your flu shot now!!!!

I procrastinated and now I have a full blown case of the flu. Worst than I have ever had--came home from work early Thursday and been in bed since then. Wish I had followed through--this is just awful!

Don't Underestimate It

I totally agree with your comments. Knowledge is power, so those who refuse to get flu shots should read this article on the CDC's website:

The important thing to remember here is that the flu shot is made from an "inactive" (dead) virus. It's impossible to get the flu from the shot itself. I have gotten yearly flu shots for the past 20 years, and never got the flu from them, even though I have a weakened immune system. They're safe, effective, and the best way to protect you, your family, and others from the flu. I had the Swine Flu back in the 60's, and believe me, you don't want to be that sick. I had 104 fever for a couple of days, and was sick flat on my back for almost 10 days. I couldn't even sit up. That was the sickest sick I've ever been. Don't underestimate the flu. It can still be a killer, especially for the very young, the very old, and those with compomised immune systems.


The flu that is running around the hospital and the area is a different strain. The flu shot won't help on this one..This happens every year... You get the shot and then the area gets a different strain...


If you wish to get a flu shot then thats your business,if I chose not to get one then that is my business.Fear has nothing to do with it,a healthy immune system can take care of itself.


What do you do for the Government? I mean obviously you work for them. Or your so unaware that you think they are doing a good job and have you best interest as an individual in mind... Anyway, everyone I know who has received those shots has also become sick for a week or more. No thanks. You go get one.

Guess your sick then......

Compromised immune systems, that's where it begins! And I suspect that is due to the rash legal and illegal immigration, combined with drug abuse. I haven't had a flu shot since the mid 90's, and have only had the flu once, since, due to an unusual circumstance. So no, not everyone needs them, but if YOUR immune system IS compromised, due us all a favor, stay out of the general population until your well. Most flu virus's are SPREAD by contact, by people who should be home in bed dealing with it, and if you have it, its to late to see a doctor, it has to run its course, common sense is the key, AND WE ALL KNOW HOW SHORT THAT IS RUNNING ON SUPPLY!

At least half the nurses I

At least half the nurses I know do not get a flu shot. Why?