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Have you signed up for health coverage through the Affordable Care Act?

Effect of Affordable Health Care Act (obamacare)

Thought you should know. I'm working to tell as many people as possible the truth about the impact of the so called Affordable Health Care Act / Obama Care. I'm using my example to show the facts pertaining to this devastating Federal Program. There are many, many more stories like mine, young, old, middle age, single & married. All tell the same basic story, huge rate increases and loss of their current Health Insurance. Mr. Obama LIED & LIED & LIED!

Examples listed below:

@PattieCurran So sorry to hear about your Health issues.  NC Citizens, self included report same ACA = disaster

What would the AVAILABLE ACA Insurance cost my Wife & I.

I was notified the second week in October that my Health Insurance will be going up from $465.00 per Month with a $10,000.00 deductible too $1095.97 per Month with a $11,000.00 deductible! This is a 135% increase! This is a direct result of the Federal Affordable Health Care Act / Obama Care! This would put me in a position where during 2014 I will pay minimum out of pocket medical experiences of $18,651.64 before insurance under the obamacare plan pays anything!

Update: I received my list of covered and non-covered experiences from Blue Cross & Blue Shield of NC. My wife and I now have coverage we do not need and will not use! (Maternity and other unneeded benefits). I have less needed coverage than my current plan and much more cost! This is what happens when Government takes control and tries to create a one size fits all system. It always fails! I also found out my out of pocket cost are off by as much as $22,000.00 which is our deductible if we are out of network! My job takes me all over the U.S. The odds of us being out of network are very hi. Because of this my real cost of Health Insurance under the ACA will be approximately $33,651.64 before the ACA insurance coverage starts. 45% increase in deductible to add to the 135% yearly cost listed above. However this could be as hi as $34-35,000.00 out of pocket! How many of you have $35,000.00 cash laying around to pay medical bills before your insurance starts to pay? I have gone to the Kaiser Foundation link from the ACA site and there are no plans available to us that cost less!

I have worked & carried Health Insurance since my first job. I was 18 years old. 1/1/2014 will be the first time in 43 years I have not had or been able to afford Health Insurance.

Those who say just wait it will get fixed are the ones exempted or that get a 70+% subsidy to pay for this travesty! When my insurance is gone it is gone for good! There is no substitute because of the ACA! There is no re-due for anyone who has a lapse in coverage. You will not be able to get your old rate or coverage back even though you were / are forced off your current coverage by the ACA!
I went to the site for Government Employees in NC and found out why they are not concerned. They can get the same or better coverage than my Wife & I for less than $300.00 for a family of four! Using there rates We the People are paying ~$1000.00 per month subsidy for Government Employees to have Health Insurance. What is wrong with this system? Everything!!!

And Bill, obama lied! He did not mis-speek, he lied and lied and lied!

Saved me $

My insurance went down! From $435/month to $269! Thanks to ACA/Obamacare!

re: ?Saved me $


Post the details about your insurance...what you had...and what you now have...Obamacrap takes effect.

Better Insurance...

My co-worker (my employer doesn't offer insurance) is going to get a family policy that is not only hundreds cheaper, but offers far superior coverage to what she had. Now if they could only get the website running...

Heck NO!

Proudly no! I will never sign up or follow an unconstitutional law.


Really???? The Supreme Court (which I would think knows a lot more about Constitutional Law than you) would beg to differ.