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How did 2013 turn out for you?

Well...for me it meant...The

Well...for me it meant...The Earth made 1 complete revolution around Sol, and it didn't mess with Earth's gravity much! The same is in store for 2014...except those of you in Wilmywood will pay more for...well...whatever City Council wants. You Betcha you enjoy.
Guess that was a "Dems/Libs/Pinko Commie thing to say...wasn't it????????


Glad the republican trolls are still out wandering around. Obummercare? Really?

It was Obummercare or

It was Obummercare or Affordable Death Panel Act. I just though Obummercare had a nice ring to it.

"Capital is reckless of the health or length of life of the laborer, unless under compulsion from society."
Karl Marx

We need to vote for

We need to vote for Republicans willing to impeach and remove from office the Communist in Chief. Arming Mexican drug lords, arming the Muslim Brotherhood, lying about the Bengazi attack, lying about Obummercare; this man is bent on destroying America. And his supporters are helping him.

please impeach the communist

please impeach the communist arming the drug lords in Bengazi

Sorry but it "ain't" gonna

Sorry but it "ain't" gonna happen!!!

Yes We Can.

Yes We Can.