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How do negative campaign ads affect your voting decision?


When all of them start the negative campaining, I wont vote for any of them. Stop talking about what they have done or not and start talking about yourself. You all sound like a bunch of tattle tellers. By the way you all make alot of promises when campaining just to get voted. Just for the record I will not now or in the future vote for Derrick Hickey.

Negative Ads Poll

All the money wasted that could be put to better use. All the trees destroyed with the worthless lies and deceptions portrayed in clutter sent to everyone's mailbox. What ever happened to integrity? Can't there be at least a little honesty in the campaigns. So many issues that need solutions and all we get is mud slinging. Who can be the cruelest, the vilest the best liar. Too sad, what an example for young people.


All these new people crack me up. All they are going to
be able to do is fetch bagels for senior members. They wont be repealing anything and
I would like to hear just one say they will WORK with others to make change instead of wanting
to fight with them.

Spot on !

Couldn't agree more.

Actually, almost all of them, either party, just make me want to puke.

Weasel Woody and negative ads

Hooray for United States Chamber of Commerce for doing what we in Wilmington should have done a long time ago- attack the ethics and morality of Weasel Woody White. White's sleazebag tactics against foes make him a disgrace to our Community. He does have all the ethics and morality of John Edwards- so if the shoe fits let him wear it. White can dish it out but when the truth is thrown back at
Weasel Woody White-he can't handle it. White is a political thug - we have enough of those in Congress- - Anybody but Weasel White.

Woody White

How about some specific evidence to back up your assertions against Woody White?