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How do you feel about the proposed homeowners insurance rate changes?

Insurance Rates

I think this is good news. If you want the luxury of living at the beach...

...then you should pay luxury prices.

Make sure the check is on time.

They aren't talking about

They aren't talking about just those who live at the beach. The family in the single-wide trailer who lives on the western border of Brunswick County will have their rates raised as well. I can guarantee they aren't living the life of luxury.


Yall should have put an excited for the children vote

C'mon WWAY, how do you think the We feel?

After just being granted and implementing a coastal insurance rate hike last July, the federal flood insurance program going up at least double to 10X for some, to the point they can no longer afford the homes they've lived in for years. How do you think we feel? Do you think this is some sort of funny joke?

Pay to Play

I think houses located close to the ocean need to pay more for insurance. People who live inland shouldn't pay high insurance rates. If you can afford to live on the ocean you can afford the insurance. AND you knew the high dangers of living on the water when you bought your home. I have no sympathy for them at all. You have to pay to play.

You do realize that "coastal

You do realize that "coastal areas" means anything east of I- 95 (which is the Charlotte area) so even if you do not live on an island, you will still pay as if you did. After Hurricane Floyd the DOI decided that the piedmont was a liability for floods and tornadoes because of the huge payouts in the area after the dam broke and flooded thousands of farms and homes. The sad thing is, no matter how much the hike up the cost, they are never going to really protect any homeowner. If you have damage they will lowball and try to avoid paying out at all cost even though their profit margin is ridiculous. It is all a scam and it needs to be cleaned up but as long as the politicians are taking bribes and Raleigh is looking the other way, that will never happen.

What are you talking about?

What are you talking about? Do the people living in the middle of the US need to pay to play from the tornados & etc. Granted living on the coast comes at a high risk. But what about all of the other areas hit by MOTHER NATURE? Do you think that by just living inland, you can escape destrution?

You're a little hard to

You're a little hard to follow here, first you say houses located close to the ocean and then you talk about living on the water, which is it, in the case of this insurance price increase they are interested in everybody, not just the people living "on the water", of course they are going to lay it on the coastal communities, the insurance commissioners main voting belt runs from Charlotte up thru GSO and RDU, so guess who get's the increase and who get's the breaks, follow the VOTES, one more election cycle and we'll flush Raleigh and then maybe everyone will be getting treated equally, there has been a lot more money paid out inland due to hurricanes over the years then there has been coastal, not to mention ice storms and etc.. so their reasoning will not float.

Not necessarily

The rates aren't going up just for those that live at the coast. I live over 70 miles from any beach and we are in an area that is also going up. That is not fair at all! Pretty d mad here!!!

Homeowner insurance rate hike

If you look at the history of recent winter storms, hurricanes, etc. you will see that there are just as many incidences of property damage in the middle and western part of NC as there are on the coast, more in many instances. Over the last few years most hurricanes by-pass our coast and move up the middle of the state. The coast rarely gets snow & if it does not enough to cause much if any damage (ie the coverage under the homeowner form for weight of sleet of snow). Most of our damage comes from flood (not covered in standard homeowner policies)but that is just as prevalent in the mountains especially. Other causes of loss include but not limited to liability, home invasion, theft, too many to mention here but then these are coverages that apply and occur all over the state. So study the flood rates and see if they warrant an increase although I don't see where the coast should take the blount of the increase.

you overlooked

a few things.

Number 1 cause of loss, fire.

That kitchen fire can easily exceed $20,000 if it is widespread and the kitchen requires gutting.

The average broken pipe, water loss claim runs $10,000.

How about theft?

Lot more to the rate making process than just looking at flood and storms.

But why not show some initiative and attend the public hearing in Raleigh; show the commissioner you're with him on this?

home owner insurance

Real angry, real angry!

That's what I have e-mailed the insurance comnm. and my state rep's.

There has been NO storms to justify this, NONE.

Either the ones who voted

Either the ones who voted for excited and fine are messed up or they are the ones who will see the slight decrease in rates. Either that or they work for the insurance companies. I am a renter and I am angry about the proposed hike. The state is supposed to look out for the interests of the citizens, not the interests of the insurance companies.