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How do you plan on doing most of your holiday shopping this year?

Don't buy everything online!

Buying things you can find locally, on the internet, negatively affects the local economy. You can’t complain about your finances and then shop online. Your income is influenced by the local economy. Buying items online moves money out of the local economy. Your savings are not as great as you think. You still owe sales tax, even if it is not collected by online company. Support your local businesses!

I would love to buy my stuff

I would love to buy my stuff locally. Last Christmas I attempted to buy several gifts from local stores and could not get anyone to help me - I had questions about the features & prices of the items as the displays were not organized and I could not tell what item went with which price tag. I got frustrated and went home and ordered what I wanted to buy from Amazon - all of the descriptions were right there, the price was clear & the stuff arrived on my doorstep in 2 days time.

I will try once again to shop locally - if your store has items in stock & if I can questions answered when I have them my money will stay in the local economy. If you deliver crappy service - back to the internet I go.

It's all about savings, not "your" economy! I buy where I want.

I can usually save upwards of 30% on nearly any purchase I make online and in many cases much more. I don't have to pay shipping, tax or waste $4/gal gas money to go looking for it.
My insurance benefits have seen skyrocketing with out of pocket expenses, the social security system is on the brink of total failure and our tax system somewhow never has enough revenue to pay for anything anymore except those that DON'T do. We have millions of illegal aliens in this country that do not pay income taxes, do not pay property taxes, do not pay for medical insurance and collect social security benefits they never contributed to and aren't entitled to receive. If our own government doesn't care about our economy, what goes on with it and how to resolve it, what makes you think the individual should take on that responsibility? To fill YOUR pockets?
YOU want to help the economy? Get your lawmakers to begin enforcing the rules of this country that Americans have to abide by. Get your lawmakers to require random drug testing for all entitlement recipients. Get your lawmakers to set time limits on welfare recipients that are capable of working. The loathing and greedy "takers" are exceeding the "givers" and that gap increases daily. Until this trend starts turning around and everyone begins shouldering their own load and contributing their share, I'll take every discount, every advantage to save money and every opportunity I can find to keep my nose above water!
BUT...I'll do mine legally AND with vigor! I'm an American and proud of it. I don't hold much regard for those that cheat the rules of our country and take advantage of the American taxpayers. I don't have much regard even for those that openly allow that to happen. One of them just got re-elected as our president.

Tax's for me!

Since the great "Annointed One" just got another term in office, I'll buy everything I can get my hands on from online sources that are tax-free. I'm sick of paying taxes only to have him give it away to those who don't work, are here illegally and don't care! I'll chip away at every penny of paying I have an opp for!

That will be one of his next "accomplishments", tax online sales, to go along with his establishment of Gay Marriage and Gun Control.