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How does all this rainy weather make you feel?

C'mon WWAY

If you really don't have something to poll about just don't poll. Even your questions were embarrassingly stupid.


The accuweather folks have modified heir forecast to reflect the Bermuda high backing into the coast and we just get some drier weather !
My tomaotes thank you....



Interesting thought here.
The local guys are saying we'll catch a break from the rain as the Bermuda high backs into the coast, pushing the rain west.
The national guys are saying the rain continues right through the weekend - especially Accuweather - they preach the dogma of doomsday in every forecast it seems.
In my relatively short time here I've come to trust the local guys as being more accurate. I hope my trust is not misplaced as it would be nice to give the ground a chance to dry out a bit.......



Seriously? Get back to me when my leach field drys up and I can flush and take a shower in the same day. Its really not funny, flooding isnt funny.