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How does Lance Armstrong's interview with Oprah affect your opinion of him?

If he wants to show repentance

let him donate the $100 million he has in the bank earned from endorsements and advertising.

Not likely he would have earned those numbers had he not been juiced up.

Who cares what my opinion of Lance is?

Because I don't even care. He can ride his bike to the top of Mt. Sinai and back for all I care.
But you know what? Lance cares. He'll be recognized as one of the most famous cheating, liar, fakes there ever was for the rest of his life. He will embattle countless lawsuits from sponser for the rest of his life and he will likely never be much of anything...for the rest of his life.
He and Tiger should start a "Nobody Cares about Me" club. The only problem is that nobody would want to join it. Idolized athletes that were nothing more than average people to begin with. And certainly without even the basic morals that the average person has.

Every dollar this fraud has

Every dollar this fraud has earned should be clawed away from him. Not because he "cheated" in a sport that we all know is doped up to the hilt BUT because he damaged people who told the truth by suing them. This guy Armstrong is a sleazier hypocrite than Paterno.


If everyone else wasn't cheating, it would make me think less of him, but since all pro's at that level are using performance enhancing drugs, it's expected.

Honestly, I could care less.

Honestly, I could care less. Most of these professional athletes do stuff like this, he just got caught.

I am also tried of hearing about this and seeing it all over the news and tv. Can't the media find something else to report about other than guns and Lance Armstrong? It would help if the media wasn't so one-sided either, but that's what happens when the media outlets are controlled by for-profit corporations, and all three media outlets in Wilmington are owned by the same corporation.

Who didn't

If every NCAA coach that admitted to cheating, they would be stripping title's left and right. Sounds like several of his team mates that were also doping and did not win had a personal vendetta. At the time he was doping most everybody that was competing was at the time, that why one of the tour de france titles would have to go to the 25th rider. I think the cycling officials were taking a blind eye at the time this was going on and did not enforce it at the time. Does ti make it right, no, but he did not get caught at the time he was competing. It is like smoking a joint, it is illegal to do it, but if you admit you did it 20 years ago should you get fired from the job you have now for admitting to it? No

I am not in the habit of

I am not in the habit of idolizing celebrities or any other human being so I really do not get disappointed when they do things like this. After all, he is just another human being.