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How important is tax free weekend to saving you and your family money?

"The Emperor's New

"The Emperor's New Clothes"
Maybe next will be the elimination of Black Friday, or Cyber Space Tuesday, or Pop Up Blockers Monday sales, or sleeping on the sidewalks to save $1.50...etc!

Then they will add more taxes....

to the internet, TV, Radio, Cell Phone, Soft Drink, Candy. The list goes on and on. You can't protest: unlawful assembly and the law is enforced by the government. QUIT SPENDING OUR MONEY ON USELESS JUNK!! Surveys for Stupid bridge. Build the bridge on I-140/17 and be done with it. When you vote, vote for someone new, give them a chance to screw up or make things better. The ones that are already in office need to go!! Who wants to pay for toll bridges and toll roads. Isn't that what the lottery was for? Now we are being subject to Yankeeism here North Carolina. Homeowners Associations, Toll Roads, rude drivers. We the people here are over whelmed with idiots in government.