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How likely do you think it is Brunswick County will land a large employer soon?

Tax breaks

We'll give tax breaks to my cronies and no one else! And if all the teachers leave, we'll have a privatized school system for all my charter school buddies to get rich off!

What about the $400 million revenue shortfall that we had....well, trickle down doesn't always work I guess!

(why would any corporation come here, in other words?)

It would be nice if this

It would be nice if this company, whoever they are, would locate in Brunswick county because the 1,000 or so jobs are certainly needed in SENC but the last time a large company had planned to locate in Brunswick county the republicans in the legislature found a way to make them feel so unwelcome in North Carolina that they went across the state line, let's see if that happens again. I hope not!!

facts please?

The last big company I can recall was a tire company that Bev Perdue was romancing and the dems were in power then. They wound up going to SC due to Nikki Haley's government (REPUBLICAN) Working with them to provide the tax incentives they needed to justify relocation.

So please give us something to work with here besides the usual drivel how the legislature is so awful that they are running off all these corporations that are just dying to move to South eastern NC

Besides the only things that's truly growing in this country are the stock market and the number of people living in poverty
Explain that!
and the first poster is a big time democratic wacky bird and needs a tin hat.



Welcoming Commitee

Big corporations know that this area isn't a place that they will be welcome. Everytime the rumor of development that will bring alot of jobs breaks the horizon, groups of displaced northerners band together with catchy names like SAVE THE CAPE or some such crap and start a campaign against it. Most of them are retirees that don't need the jobs and look at people that have lived here all their lives as just servile class.