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How long would you wait in line for a Britt's donut?

Britt's donut

Give me a hot Krispy Kreme donut any day. Britt's are good if you eat them while they are hot, but if they get the least bit cold they are like eating sweet lard. If I get a dozen donuts at Krispy Kreme I can save some for later. The tourists can keep them.

Why would I go toBritt's

Why would I go toBritt's when we have a Krispy Kreme?


Another Wilmington area tradition blown to bits.
Most people wouldn't wait but if they DID wait it would only be 5 minutes.
Kinda makes you wonder about other things Wilmington does 'ad nauseum'.

We should take some time to re-think the same ol, same ol Wilmington.

Here's a few thoughts.......
Do away with the Azalea Festival, OR hold it once every 5 years.

Same with River Fest

Do away with the "worlds oldest Christmas tree"

Fire News Anchors that have been here more than 5 years and think they are mega stars (Like Frances Weller).

Use a Ronald Reagan speech and tear down the wall around Landfall.

Move or simply blow up Kenan fountain.......

Shave Bill Saffo's head?

Anyone else got some local "stuff" that might be "long in the tooth?"


Impeach Saffo (with a shaved

Impeach Saffo (with a shaved head for FX)...then the other ideas you mentioned will fall into place.

I'd gladly welcome the

I'd gladly welcome the departure of Ashlea Kosikowski over Francis any day...

turn the channel

wway has some nice talent on the news that is very easy on the eyes.

Gursty, shamma.....

My problem with Frances Weller has nothing to do with her looks. She has reached a stage where her presence on the broadcasts are now over done. She has had her time "on stage" and has now over stayed her welcome.
As for Ashley K? She over reports the film industry news in a "not so veiled attempt" to garner support for film incentives. (Much the same as other media outlets touted the ball park). When she gets on beat news she's not so bad. Like many others she's let some things go in her stories - the questions un-asked type letting go.
But thats to be expected in a small market like ILM.
As for WWAY? Yes good looks does help but the biggest improvement in WWAY has been in their journalistic integrity and the professional style they've brought to their newscasts. "Mack" and crew are doing far better than the other local stations imho. J Jackson and the weather team are now outpacing others for accuracy and good explanations of local weather quirks.
I have OD'd on the Wellers. They need to breathe some new life into the broad casts......