How much is too much to pay for milk?
How much is too much to pay for milk?

Whether the milk is low fat, 2%, skim, buttermilk, or whole it still contains a lot of sugar (lactose) and thus diabetics like myself stay away from it. The price is academic. I marked don't know/don't care because there was no suitable election and not because of ignorance/indifference.

on this topic.

Those who get their milk for free, via WIC, could care less what the price is...they aren't paying for it. But those of us who are paying for these folks to get their free care.

When the state realizes the WIC program is costing them double what they used to pay, they'll put some pressure on the Feds to get their collective heads out of their a$$ and take action.

Or...those of us who buy milk will either switch to an alternative such as soy or almond milk...or simply stop purchasing it entirely.

Why do humans drink another animal's milk anyway? Soy, almond or coconut milk is much healthier and cheaper.

Maybe the dairy farmers are getting a big government subsidy?

it has all the calcium and nutrients of milk minus the steroids and antibiotics.

All those things you listed are not milk. They are juice.

The biggest issue with the US is most people are completely economically illiterate. We are already paying the market price for milk, the only issue is part of the cost is "hidden" by subsidies, direct subsidies. The federal government doesn't have any money, it either must confiscate it or borrow it from citizens.