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How much will you miss incandescent light bulbs, which will no longer be produced starting in 2014?

Incandescant light bulb

The light from both the bulbs ARE NOT the same!! I know the difference between the two. The incandesant is softer. I have several cases of 60 watt, 40watt, and 15 watt bulbs. I am covered for the rest of my life! Why should the govt. Be telling me what damn light bulb I should be using?!?! BTW I have 2 60 watt bulbs over an island in my kitchen that was installed in 2008 and the BULBS HAVE NOT BEEN CHANGED YET!!!!

Have you even tried LEDs?

I am amazed that this issue exists at all. Incandescent is a technology that is going out for good reasons, just like gas-burning lamps before it. Why does the nanny state, under a republican president no less, have to outlaw something that is clearly inferior?

Clearly inferior to anyone who has actually tried LEDs, that is. Now we aren't talking about those nasty swirly mercury bulbs, but the new round ones. I have tried just about every LED on the market, from CREE to Philip to Walmart and off-brands. Although the color quality varies wildly from the nasty-but-familiar incandescent yellow to daylight to slight blue, they are all clearly labeled as to color. They are all only warm to the touch. You don't realize how much money in heat you are losing. I also didn't realize what a danger those hotter bulbs were till my baby went to grab a light bulb in a lit table-lamp. The LED bulbs are baby-safe.

It doesn't take much math to realize how awesome these bulbs in the long run. They pay for themselves in 2 years compared to an incandescent. I would like to see another investment option of any kind promise risk-free returns that high. I have all sorts of LEDs in my house that I have been buying ever since they came out (over a year now) and NOT ONE has burned out.

Then there is the time factor. I just put an LED bulb in my laundry room the other day. After climbing back down of the chair I said, "Well, I don't have to do that again for 20 years." How much of your time do you spend changing bulbs? How much time do you spend shopping for them? Is your time valuable?

Sure its stupid that the government interferes with something that the free market clearly has handled, but hanging on to incandescent bulbs is silly.

incandescent bulbs

I thought America was land of the free. More and more, I am feeling like out rights are being taken away on what we can choose from. It feels like decisions are being made for us a whole lot more these days. Government telling us what we can and cannot do or buy. Irritates me. I will miss my incandescent light bulbs!!!

Led bulbs cost less than free incandecents

It scares me too when I think about the government making decisions about what I can and cannot buy. However, in this case, I believe there to be just cause. This is because we are talking about energy, something produced by burning the oxygen we breathe, and replacing it with harmful smoke. Why burn fuel for energy if it's not needed? How about doing the right thing for future generations.

For the naysayers, I ask you this: go to Home Depot and purchase a CREE led light bulb. Replace an incandecent and try it. This is a US product, that stands behind it with a 10 yr guarantee. You.wont be able to tell the difference. A 40W bulb that uses 6 W. Instant on, dimming, same shape, same color.

The fact is, if someone PAID you to take an incandecent, the CREE LED at $10 bucks is still cheaper. Thats because it cost $1/yr to operate vs $5 for a regular filament style. You can see that in 2 yrs, your in the black on the LED. (Based on 3 hrs a day usage).

It's true, there are other poorly made products (that even cost more) failing and not living up to the promise. When this happens people tend to be turned off. Understandable.

led light bulbs

I too have purchased the new led bulbs year before last only to find they do not last near as long as the incandescent bulbs. In fact we were lucky to get six months out of one and less on some others. So I went back to the incandescent bulbs. Sadly the 75 watts ones had already been removed from the market but I stocked up on 60 watt. I'd rather use a lower wattage than the led light bulbs. It amazes me that someone duped our politicians in to saying the led light bulb last longer than the incandescent types because everyone I know that tried them all said theirs' didn't last very long either.

You get what you pay for...

I am the U.S Sales Director for Wessel LED Lighting Systems, Inc. Whether you buy LED bulbs from our company or anothers; you get what you pay for. A $10.00 LED bulb in a large box store will not give you the accurate light color you desire nor the total life hours that a $12.00 bulb from a reputable distributor will, that simple.

It is impossible to "Shop the right side of the menu" and end up with a quality bulb. The irony is it costs about 20% more to get a LED bulb that will last from 30-50,000 hours and put out the actual stated light color/lumens. The damnability of cheaper bulbs is always less than desirable also, flickering, etc. does not happen with a quality LED bulb.

Check us out at

I will join the Incandescent

I will join the Incandescent Underground...and make a huge profit in the 100 Watt market.
I heard they will close down Watts in Los Angeles because of this!!

I like incandescent Bulbs

The Fluorescent Bulbs put off a different light. They dont put off near the heat and do not keep as much moisture out of the air.. In Washington that counts.. I am also American,, I dont like the government telling me what I want to buy. If I want incandescent bulbs and pay for more power, then thats what I want.


Energy efficient- Good Idea!!
As usual though implemented poorly!!!
These bulbs are garbage!!!! They come on slow!!! They do not last as long as claimed!!! They contain mercury and poison the land!!! They cost the consumer more money!!!! GARBAGE GARBAGE GARBAGE!!!! Just another load of crap force fed the public by bleeding heart dem libs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Energy Independence and

The Energy Independence and Security Act was passed in 2007 and signed into law by George W. Bush. Next...?

Use Some Sense!!!

As I stated, "Energy efficient- Good Idea," the implementation is poor. Goes along the same lines as insurance for all, good idea, crap for implementation-Obummercare!!
I do not umderstand your line of thinking! We should not be forced into spending more money for something that just does not work as it is supposed to!!! OH Wait!! Am I talking about light bulbs or The AHA??
Do not just believe the crap being force fed us by the special interest (read LIBTARDS) groups that support this trash pile of an administration that is in the White House.
Darn!! You got me good!!! Another classic Lib trick!! Divert the argument when you are losing it!!! HA!!
These bulbs cost us more money! Do not last as long as claimed!! Have off color lighting!!! Are slow to come on!!!! Contain mercury that poisons the land they are disposed in!!!!!


Why don't you type in all CAPS. Your thinking is "My mind is made up so don't confuse me with facts." It was a republican't idea signed into law by a republican't president.
There is no diversion of argument because here is no argument if you can read and understand at a fifth grade level.

You need a fifth option

Not at all: I bought two full cases of 60 Watt bulbs in the Summer, and they will last me until I die.


Where have you been?

I will miss the bulds. But

I will miss the bulds. But not Komrade Hagan who helped kill them off.


It was a law passed before Prsident Obama took office and if your feeble mind can remember Senator Hagan did not take office until 2009. Nice try, tea-bagger.

Guestcrossdreeser, the law

Guestcrossdreeser, the law doesn't ban the incandescent bulb. It sets new standards for them. It also gives the Secretary the authority to revisit implementation dates and standards. So yes, the Obummer administration could save the bulbs and the manufacturing jobs. But that would violate two tenants of communism; freedom to choose and a market driven work force. Two things Obummer deplores.


So what about Sen. Hagan and the lie you told or are you going to try to obfuscate the obvious? A real old tea-bagger trick. You should come up with something else.