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How should school districts make up snow days?

The Proof......

will be in the pudding so to speak.
We have a Saturday session for school. How many parents WON'T make their kids go? My guess is that attendance will be off by about 33%.
This will be a clear indication to me that parents are MORE to blame for kids poor education than teachers are.
I would just love to be proven wrong on this.
So Scott Pickey? Can we get a follow up story on Saturdays school attendance please?


make up snow days

Instead of finding time to make up for the days missed at school, kids should be given extra assignments over an extended period of time to make up for the missed time in the class room. If this however does not seem to suffice, then maybe extend the school hours by about an hour each day instead of cutting spring break or considering valuable weekend time.

Send them to school on

Send them to school on Saturday! Parents might be able to make up some of they time they lost at work or other things while the wee ones weren't in school as usual during it and just perhaps.. kids might not look forward to school closings so much if it means a Sat to make up for it.

forgive them,school is not

forgive them,school is not much use these days.




It's all a bunch of inneffective time killing anyway

What are public schools really going to do with that time if they make kids make it up? Watch a movie I bet you. NC has lowest paid teachers in the land, you get what you pay for. Public school teachers that get paid that little can't get it done. They have no motivation to get it done. It is proven that they are not getting it done. They can't even stick up for their own pay. You get what you pay for.

Walk a mile in someone else's shoes before slapping judgement

It amazes me how someone can so broadly judge a states teachers when I am sure they are not one themselves. If you have such poor confidence then please be my guest and go to school get an education degree and do better. May you be judged with greater kindness. Thanks for such great support!

I'm appalled...

I have never in my life responded to any blog, however I felt compelled to respond to yours. As a fourth year elementary school teacher I work 60 plus hours a week to try and meet the needs of all of my students. This is true for the majority of the people I work with. The school is a Title 1 school in a small town in NC. Even though the state only pays me a given salary doesn't mean I don't work extremely hard. I should add that thousands of us do stand up for what we think we should get paid, but that doesn't mean that we don't do our jobs. I have NEVER just put in a movie to keep my students "entertained". If you truly believe a NC teacher is underpaid and "you get what you pay for" then you should stand with us in the fight for higher pay instead of posting blogs that are outrageously inaccurate.

Nicole, you're spot on!

And I easily understand you being appalled at that posters comment. Don't let it get under your skin though. There is an abundance of "armchair quarterbacks" that attempt to write like they know everything about everything while they actually know very little about anything. Most likely because they didn't pay attention to the teachers THEY had as children. It's all relative!

If nothing else, thank you for your diligence, patience and for putting yourself forth to do your part in developing today's children to become our future leaders! This poor country needs all the help it can get!!! You're on the front line!

Make Up?

You seem very disgruntled my friend. Perhaps you should run for Governor and solve all the problems with North Carolina's educational system. The fact is state law says students must attend 185 school days OR 1025 instructional hours. The key word is OR. 1025 will be reached easily without making up these days.

school make-up days

I worked for a school system in Virginia. When they ran out of snow days, they added 15 minutes to the school day to cover the required hours and averted the need to take away Spring Break.

The school I grew up in had

The school I grew up in had ten minutes between classes. To make up hurricane and snow days they would extend each class by five minutes over a few days to make it up. It didn't disrupt anything except talk time and bathroom time in between classes.

school make-up days

I second your vote and think school could even be extended by half an hour or even more if necessary.

Obvious linkage

A lot of students, including those in college, don't seem to be able to spell or even put together a simple sentence anymore and yet the overwhelming position of poll responders here is to just blow off the lost days. Not that long ago, most people considered it a privilege just to be able to attend a school.

You would have to be deaf, dumb and blind to not see a connection between people not giving a crap and the dumbing down of America.

Prime examples

Read some of the jumbled up sentences, misspelled words, lack of punctuation and incorrect word usage here. Most of it is from the people wanting the days forgiven. Guess they don't want their kids to be smarter than them.

missed days

Lets just make those overpaid Admin Ass't 's with benefits who make schedule work on Saturdays and call it even.

No teacher work days left

Please look at NHCS schedule. There are NO teacher workdays left. How can this be an option in your poll???

There's a teacher work day

There's a teacher work day scheduled for February 14th.

Snow Days

Oh come on, kids these days are dumb as hell. They need to be in school as much and as often as possible. That means Mon-Fri 8am-5pm with maybe a week off at Christmas and a few days off at Thanksgiving. That's it.


do you realize how hard students work the way it is? and 8-5? what is this? u expect us to go to school 8-5 then go to sports til 9 at night?? We should not have to be in school any longer then we have too! we work hard enough the way it is! your the one whos stupid.


Us grown ups who went to schools in 70&80s.We miss some schools days, because of winter storms in raleigh.

I appercite it don;t print my name ok.


oh, my fault- that's all...the name thing...oh HAHAHAHAHAHA

no problem JoAnne Dixson!

They promise they won't print your name!

JoAnn Dixon

I am glad I did not attend the same school as you in the 70's and 80's.. "I appercite it don;t print my name ok." Really?

Ok JoAnn Dixon...

...we won't print your name. It appears you may have 'miss' more than just some 'schools' days.

You just provided a prime example why the kids need to make up the days.

make-up days

If this ice storm was not a learning experience for us all then I don't know what was.Instead of making up days at school, why not have them write or share what they learned while out. The creativity of the kids in making sleds was incredible and there was learning involved in the missed days that is far more valuable than sitting in a desk at school. Some things are best learned through experience and not through the ears. Just call this "hands on learning". I'm sure the lessons will not be forgotten.

Snow days!!!

I feel that emergency weather days should be added back in to the school calendars. It is true that this is not common weather here, this should still be planned for. There should be days in the fist hald if the year due to hurricanes and in the second half for winter weather.

Snow Day Make Ups

what i would do is add on to the year then take away spring break because that's all they got until summer break

Schools should forgive

You should forgive them because there are no teacher work days and many people already made plans for spring break. No one wants to go to school on Saturdays and many people have summer plans, that don't include school.

school days

Absolutely do not take Spring Break away from these children! Many families plan vacations at this time. I agree these days should be forgiven due to mother nature!