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How will the UNCW men's basketball team fare in conference play this season?

Catching a Buzz

Let's be realistic here, Buzz got handed a bad situation. He is not personally responsible for his team being academically inept. After losing any hopes for post season play two seasons ago, what is Buzz suppose to do? That kills any momentum in the recruiting game, and even worse he lost 3 of his best 4 players. 2 to transfer, and one to prison. Again is this man responsible for the actions of a few young men who had personal deamon to deal with? I am not completely vindicating Buzz from any wrong doing, but come on do you really want a UNCW athletic program, that is closing down sports programs, to pay two coaches, or even a buyout? I do not want to see that happen. I think Buzz catches a little more flak than he deserves. He has brought in some promising players, but do to NCAA rules they were not able to play right away. Lets let this man finish out his contract, and then point fingers. As an aside I am sure this comment is riddled with misspellings, and terrible grammar. So, if you have made it this far without wanting to punch me in the face feel free to find me working out at gold's gym on racine every day from 5-6:30 in the morning, and I will let you go to town.

Seahawks losing season

Yes another bad season for the Seahawks men's basketball team. Think that the large contract that the coach signed is another example of poor judgment in the use of state funds. Think it would be a great idea for Buzz to give back $10,000 for each loss. Maybe it could be used for a more deserving needy student!