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How worried are you about North Korea's nuclear threat?

China would be an instant

China would be an instant ally of NK and a huge threat that Obama will not take seriously.

Under normal circumstances I

Under normal circumstances I wouldn't be, under this president, it is a serious concern

This president has drawn so

This president has drawn so many lines in the sand, that if you
painted them, you would have a football field.

N. Korea

At this point who cares? N. Korea has nothing that can get even close to the East coast and its doubtful they having anything that can reach OR, CA, or WA. Even if they do, would a well placed missile strike to the heart of San Francisco, LA, or Oakland really be such a bad thing??? Now a 10 yrs from now N. Korea if left unchecked should certainly concern everyone.

Its not the US thats the concern

Its more like their LIKELY ability to easily hit South Korea within a cpl mins (and unlikely to be able to shoot down due to such a short flight time). Not to mention Japan (Tokyo is well within their range) and based on legit military intel its not the US West coast that could be threatened but Guam and outside shot he could park one in Honolulu (instant wipeout of the 50th state) hence why we have moved ballistic missile defenses into position for Tokyo/Japan as a whole as well as the Western and Central Pacific to hopefully hit it early in flight. If they should miss the only other hope are interceptors in AK and Vandenburg AFB CA. Its obvious this kid is 3X more nuts then his old man and it was sadly a matter of time before the country's military did something irrationally stupid (these guys make the Iranians look sane and sadly likely have provided the intel for Iran's nuke program)


why worry ourselves about it? The USA and other countries have precautions in place and are ready to blow it out of the sky as soon at they may launch it. Then after blowing it out of the sky will blow N. Korea off the map.


What is their hit-miss rate?