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How worried are you that parts of Wilmington could be underwater in 2100?

Your answer choices reveal your bias

Why don't you have the answer choice "Don't believe in global warming" or "I think global warming is a hoax" .

What a gratuitously stupid poll

Go out and find some news!

Need one more category;

Need one more category; don't believe in global warming hoax.


Well, we have now heard from the rep for the "Flat Earth Society"...

Poll question

Your poll question is so obviously biased it is sophomoric. There is no option to say "Don't believe it will happen" This is typical of the state of American Journalism over the past 20 years. No critical thinking. No questioning the party line. Does anyone realize how much of Ft. Fisher and our local coast has dissappeared over the last 150 years from natural causes? How many people are aware that the Vikings grew grapes in Greenland in the Middle Ages? As time wore on it got colder and colder and Wine production ceased. This was due to CLIMATE CHANGE!! It GOT COLDER!

Very disappointed in your

Very disappointed in your poll. You should offer the answer,"Not concerned at all". This is a joke. Terry Ball

Pretty lame...

poll question. You couldn't something a tad more newsworthy?