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How would you rate Gov. McCrory's first year in office?

Pat McCroy's Performance during his first year in office

The only thing I have to compare the performance of Governor Pat McCrory to is his predecessor. Not having done backflips over Governor McCrory's win in the primary, I have patiently observed his first year. While he has not been perfect( you know... all the things "I" think he should have done )... when compared to Beverly Purdue... well, if you put it that way, Governor Pat McCrory's performance is Off-The-Scale( in a good context ). I enjoy watching all the McCrory bashers write letters to their respective editors, posts comments in blogs, facebook, and the like, all the while remembering what Beverly Perdue and past NCGAs have done to our state. Governor McCroy, you're not the best( will there ever be )... but you've got my support. Carry on sir and thank you for serving the good people of North Carolina. God Bless you, Lt. Governor Dan Forest, and the members of the North Carolina General Assembly. For all you naysayers and bashers out there... God Bless you too!


I am not a member of Democratic Underground. I just think Pat McCrory has been an embarrassment . If you want to see what the international community thinks of him, look up newspapers all over the world . But of course only your viewpoint matters, never mind what the rest of the world think. Suckers.

The poll is being skewed

For whatever reason folks at believe skewing unscientific poll results will have some kind of effect, other than enlarging their egos. So the link to this was posted on their site asking that the site member purposely skew the polls. Then they will sit back and say "See, no one likes the guy." Why not sit back, let the people it matters to vote in the poll, and then you can sit back and truly say "see, no one likes they guy" without having to be douchebags. Extremists and echochamber freaks like DUERs and FREEPERs are a good part of the problem here. /soapbox

I guess you don't get the point........

First, I did not say it was skewed on any scale whatsoever so much for a math fail. What I said was that the call to skew it was put out on DU which by it's nature would draw folks from outside of the state.

Second, the folks to whom this poll would even remotely matter to, you know, the ones from this state, are the ones I was referring to. I would think you can't be THAT dense.

Finally, I could care less who is ahead or not in the poll, the poll DOESN'T matter, it's an unscientific internet poll. The only fail here is the call to purposely skew a poll who's outcome is utterly irrelevant to the grand scheme of things just so you can laude an internet victory. DUER or FREEPER I would have called you out either way. Get over it....

Second the Motion

I for second have never heard of (although I think I might check it out now that you've brought it to my attention).

McCrory has been the biggest disappointment ever. Period.


What??? That post made absolutely no sense. So you're saying that only conservatives should be allowed to vote in this poll? I for one have never heard of (although I think I might check it out now that you've brought it to my attention). And I'd also be curious as to who these "the people it matters to" are that are allowed to vote in your hallowed poll. It seems to me that a lot of Conservatives have this view that only people who look and think like they do should be allowed to vote. Easier for you to get your way if only "you people who matter" are allowed to vote. Oh, and the moment you used the term douchebag, you lost all credibility. Sounds like you and Senator Rabon need to go to the same class on Effective Communication.


Art Pope's lapdog who has made NC an international laughingstock ? Puhleez

They didn't offer my choice.

It's only been a year? Jeebus.

Stop Complaining

I don't see why people are complaining about the poll results. After all it is one person one vote.

McCrory Poll

Yeah. One person, one vote --except in N.C., thanks to the vote rigging laws instituted by --you guessed it--McCrory!

Keep up the good work for our state, Conservatives!

I was ready to move to Virginia and open a business there because of the lower state income and gas taxes in VA. With the reelection of Obama, I realized it is not a good time to start a new business. With the conservative takeover in North Carolina, and now the election of a socialist governor in VA thanks to the DC liberals who are spilling over into northern VA, I realize that it is going to be much better staying in NC. Our state's economy will take off with the refreshing return to policies of maximum individual liberty AND responsibility! THANK YOU Gov. McCrory and other conservative leaders!!! I may even decide to open a business here now.
Anyone who is against voter photo ID is admitting either they approve of voter fraud or they are incapable of rational thought; there is no other explanation.
If you don't like the new, improved NC, may I invite you to relocate to NY (if you fear global warming) or CA (if you fear global cooling). Their economies need you and your worldview to help advance their downward races! I'll take liberty over "security" any day.


You don't have the right to invite anyone to move from their home state because you have a warped sense of reality. The voter ID law is more than a photo ID requirement - if you are a business person, surely you have the sense to look at the fine print. The state tax revisions that favor corporations versus the poor is a mask for corporate political contribution paybacks. There will be no "takeoff of the state's economy" as you state - without jobs and money to spend (on which the economy in general depends) there is no growth - period!
Go ahead and open your NC business - see where you get with it - unless you are a major corporation that is favored with tax cuts, loopholes and unfair employment allowances - good luck with that!

Voter Repression

Please don't pretend that the only issue to come out of the voter-suppression law of 2013 is voter ID. That's one of the minor parts of the law, and one that's being addressed wholeheartedly by people who support the right of every citizen to cast a vote whether or not they can prove they're born.

The bigger issues include the availability of polling places in sufficient numbers, in sufficient locations, and for sufficient hours to assure that everyone who wants to vote can cast a vote without having to wait for hours and hours to do so. Because let's face it, working people and people with families to look after don't have the luxury of standing in line for hours and hours. People without transportation other than foot power find it difficult to get to remote polling places or those with insufficient parking or those not served by public bus routes.

The bigger issues include, along with the picture ID, the invitation for anyone at the polling place to challenge any voter for any reason. It makes just as much sense to expect frivolous challenges as it does to expect fraudulent voters--maybe more sense, because it's always been the law that poll workers could challenge an attempted voter, so a person would have to be sure they could get by all the poll workers before they claimed to be someone they were not and whom one of the poll workers might know personally. Now if I'm in the right mood, I can go and camp at a poll and challenge every 10th or 5th or 21st voter who enters, thus holding up the line even more while the challenged voter proves who he or she is.

No, the new law suppresses voters' rights not only by requiring them to gather together a stack of documents they may have to pay for and present them to an issuing agency (DMV) to get the acceptable ID but also by compressing the available hours to vote, locating polling places in inaccessible locations, and legalizing delaying tactics.

Write again in 3,years and

Write again in 3,years and let us know what you think then.

Do us a favor, Move

Do us a favor, move. Your unrational thoughts speak volumes. There is no voter fraud in NC. And the ID thing, we are taking care of by getting voters their IDs at the cost to the NC Government at least $10 a pop. Do the math. And the Voter ID is the least of the problems with the new Voter ID law. The calculated disenfranchisement of the voters by getting rid of straight party voting, less opportunity to register to vote (25 days before an election), 16-17 year old Civic program to encourage young citizens to go ahead and register to vote and learn about the voting process, to name a few, are things of real concern that you choose to look the other way at. You obviously live in a bubble and do not care about the poor who need expanded Medicaid, the unemployed (3 people for every 1 job) and the education of the children of this state (teacher pay $10,000 under national average). Now that I say that, you do live in a bubble. You must be one of the millionaires that your man McCrory gave a tax break to, not one of the millions who got a tax increase. Smaller paychecks for 90%, larger paychecks for the 10% who will not reinvest it in NC. So please, do us all a favor and move. Need any help packing. People like you, with your self-centered, myopic attitude need to move Now.

unemployment benefits

I know several people who completely raped the unemployment benefit system. Never looking for jobs, one even going to school full time for a degree he never intended to use. It's about time we have a politician with a backbone that is not in it for the popularity of democrats, but to actually try and fix something broken. All of you democrats whining and complaining that he is the worst Governor~ I have one question for you. Where were you when Bev Perdue was in office?

Frankly, Scarlet

I see it reported everyday that people are abusing the 2nd amendment and using guns for illegal activities. Maybe we should get cut that as well. Using the logic that "since some people abuse it, we must end it for all" is ludicrous. And unemployment doesn't know political party. I know just as many Conservatives on unemployment as I do Liberals.

Woot, there it is!

Dang, stop being logical. You'll make their heads a'splode.

Join us in Statesville on February 13. McCrony will be keynote speaker for the Chamber of Commerce and Kewanee Tech on Feb. 13 at 6 p.m. at the Statesville Civic Center. You can give him a proper greeting. Bring placards and signs that convey the true depth of your feelings for our Governor and the policies he's enacted.

Invite your friends. Heck, invite your enemies. All are welcome as long as they want to work to move NC back into the 21st Century.


Gov. McCrory has a significant number of critics in this state - most of whom I'm certain are Democrats and supporters of Bev Purdue. I find it ironic that they are so quick to criticize the Governor yet fail to mention the disaster Purdue left in her wake - graft, corruption, convicted and jailed Aides and a level of corruption rivaled only by the Chicago Democrat Machine.

McCrory was left with hundreds of millions in debt, hundreds of millions in money with paper trails that as of yet, lead to "nowhere" but will and, a Liberal voter base that loves to "sound the alarms" - "McCrory will bankrupt the State" when all the while the Gov is trying to mop up the mess he was left with. Let's give credit where credit is due and let the Gov do his job. Maybe if the critics were more objective and honest, they would focus on prosecuting Purdue while McCrory sets us right.


When this argument is applied to the Bush-induced disaster Obama inherited, "conservatives" are quick to disregard it. What McCrory inherited is largely "debt" to the federal gov't due to unemployment payments. I haven't heard the gov't screaming for him to "pay up" or actions to foreclose on the gov's mansion...have you?

McCrory is disliked because he's a reflection of the current legislature. Sen. Rabon is their poster child...arrogant, nasty, and full of himself. Name one positive..good for all citizens....thing McCrory has done other than the Puppy Mill legislation. The new tax structure doesn't help anyone but the really wealthy...denying medicaid funds has created higher health insurance premiums for the rest of us... the new voting laws are essentially foolish and politically inspired...trashing the environment has poor implications for our future...and screwing the public education system and teachers isn't too smart either.

No one can deny Perdue wasn't too great either. Let's get off the partisan kick and examine what needs to really be done and do it.

Socialist morons

Gov.McCrory is making headway into returning our state to a no nonsense, for the people government. All these citizens complaining about his work are upset due to their special interests money pits not being funded for their pleasure. Leave the man alone and let him bring our great state out of this massive hole we find ourselves in with past liberal programs and spending.

Yeah, right

The NCAE, the state employee's 'union', and other folks taking home less than $50k per year paying dues to at least get SOME representation at the big kid's table is a 'special interest money pit', yet Art Pope and his layers upon layers of artificial PACs that have pumped millions into the GOP's financial coffers to buy the state don't even come up on your radar?

McCrony is the biggest puppet governor I've ever seen. Not only is he incompetent, the dangerous thing is that he does not know this, because he surrounds himself with campaign donors who tell him he's AWESOME!*

* as long as he keeps promoting their pet projects like zero taxes on businesses and voter suppression.


Without a doubt - the worst we have EVER had - never mind the last 50 years. Sold NC a bill of goods. Can't we un-elect him before 2016????

socialists need to move north

don't like it obamatrons...LEAVE!!!

Um... have you looked at the poll results?

It seems his supporters might want to vacate and take Gov. McCrony and his puppet master Art Pope with them.

What part of across the

What part of across the board tax cut & lower unemployment rate do you people not understand? How much of a raise did Beth Purdue give teachers?

Give him some time to fix the problems created by previous admin

I find it very interesting that the people screaming about how terrible Gov. McCrory is are giving other Democrats a few years to get their act together. He's been in office only one year and the mess that our previous Governors have left us in will take a while to get out.
I have no problem with people showing a valid ID to vote. You can't board a plane, open a bank account, rent a house, apply for a driver's license, obtain a library card, get public assistance or cash a check without one.
Let's have a poll about how ineffective Kay Hagen has been. She's had a few more years and she is a complete idiot!


Gov. McCrory is like King Midas, except that instead of turning everything he touches to gold, he's turning it into garbage!


It is about time we had a governor that is taking our state's fiscal responsibility seriously.

Gov. McCrory and his Draconian policies

Well said. That's why we need to get rid of Gov. McCrory. The State's fiscal responsibility is to ALL of it's citizens, not just the wealthy.