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'National Geographic Traveler' says Wrightsville Beach is one of the last best American beach towns. Agree?

"Last of Best beach Towns"

That status disappeared years ago not only for Wrightsville but Kure Beach, Carolina Beach also. Granted I'm an ole fart, but most folks nowdays have no idea as to how great it was going to the beach in years past. One can get a taste of what it was like by going to Topsail Beach now, but that has changed to some extent. The explosion in population and expanded beach development has ruined the beaches in my opinion. Of course I realize there was and is no stopping "progress"! Change can be better but it is now unlimited in scope. Nowdays the mentality doesn't accept such restrictions nor is the demise of the beaches of importance but to a few folks. Glad I am one of them and have my fond menmories of "going to the beach"!

If Wrightsville is one of

If Wrightsville is one of America's best beach towns, then we're in trouble folks. I'm curious, what metrics were used here?

If I were going to the beach for a day, the last one I'd pick in the area would be Wrightsville.

"National Geographic Traveler" ?

Oh yea, that magazine. Really, really big. Huge actually. So big it fills the entire sky, so that you can't even really notice it's there. That big.

Whenever I'm looking for info on "Last Best Beach Towns" that's always been my go-to source. Has been for years. They're probably the world experts on "Last Best Beach Towns". That's how really big they are.

Congratulations Wrightsville Beach on this magnificently gigantic honor. It's really big. No one deserves an award "at this level of importance" more than you!

Pole question

How come when my boyfriend and I vote the vote no's do not change?

Pole question

How come when my boyfriend and I vote the vote no's do not change?

National ego beach town

I really don't agree there are many small beach towns in nc. Wrightsville is probably the least, and of the most stuff yeast. Not to mention no parking, or if your lucky you'll get to pay $2/ hr.Have they been just down the road to Carolina Beach or any other one of NC beautiful beaches and coastal town?


Wrightsville Beach: one of the last, best American beach towns

This is hard to imagine with the gentrification that has manifested itself over the years, and the parking situation. But, if it'll keep the Tourons away from the Brunswick Co. beaches, then yay!!!

Why sure! IF you don't mind being harassed... their podunk police, being treated as a scumbag tourist or sacrificing a weeks pay to park on a Saturday IF you can find a spot.

Other that those minor things it's an okay beach....

Kure, Carolina Beach and Topsail beaches beat the living SNOT out of it though!!!