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Is parking getting too expensive at area beaches?

beach parking

It is very annoying trying to take the family to Wrightsville beach as it is. Parking certainly doesn't need to be more expensive. They should put in a parking deck so we can park. then maybe we wouldn't mind paying .25 cents an hour more. right now it takes up to an hour to even get in a parking space there, meaning they should give us a discount for the inconvience. The ocean doesn't belong to the home owners! It is also annoying that people who can afford the beach property build on every small space they can find. There should be a large portion of the natural ocean open from buildings for all people to enjoy.

You have to think about supply and demand

The reason why Wrightsville continues to raise rates for parking at the beach is because the public has demonstrated that they will pay it. It's simple economics; supply and demand. If the beach is in such high demand from the public (which it obviously is as demonstrated by the crowds) the town can stand to keep its coffers full with parking revenue. If you feel like the rate is too high, exercise your right as a consumer and go to the handful of other local beaches that are free! If you think it's worth it, you will still go. These are the basic capitalistic principals our country has operated on for hundreds of years.

Personally, I go to Kure since there are plenty of spaces and it's free.

Wrightsville Beach Parking

I still feel like they should put gates at the bridge and cut off our tax money.If they dont want us there lets see how long they would survive without us.

Um, you've got it backwards.

Um, you've got it backwards. The huge number of million dollar valued properties in places like WB, Landfall, Kure, Intracoastal, etc have kept our property taxes DOWN. The proof is that during the last revaluation, those houses devalued at greater percentage average than the rest of NHC/Wilmington which caused an increase on the lower valued homes.


I have been going to Topsail beach for years now. Wrightsville is going to put the businesses out. Travel has gone up on Topsail beach. If you want more for the money with rentals Topsail is the way to go. I have spoken to a lot of people from out of state and they have said they used to go to Wrightsville but they started to go to Topsail and now won't go anywhere else. So, I hope the businesses on Wrightsville thank the people of Wrightsville when their business goes under... I know the homeowners don't care but the locals are traveling up Hwy 17 too (because of the parking rates) but the businesses should care...

If they insist on pushing

If they insist on pushing people away from the beaches, why don't the people give them what they ask for and stay away? After all, those people who go to the beaches spend their money in the local shops. If they want to hit our wallets, we should hit back

The people who own million+

The people who own million+ dollar homes on the ocean front/beach area don't want Wilmington "trash" spoiling their little pristine world. Anyone remember the bumper stickers the locals had printed up that said: "Welcome to Wrightsville Beach. Now go home." Expensive parking is just another ploy to keep people away.

These kinds of ignorant

These kinds of ignorant comments are part of what makes regular county dialogue so poisonous all the time.
I don't live on Wrightsville Beach but frequent there in the summer. On nice summer days there are so many friggin' people there on the sand looking down the strand is like looking at an ant pile.
Something similar to this online image:

People are parked end-to-end all down Salisbury street, every lot completely full, people parked off-island and walking down Eastwood road (I don't know how they do it with all that stuff), cars backed up past the Military Cutoff stoplight, and on and on...

I understand after asking someone that they had to close off one side of street parking on Lumina on the weekends due to emergency vehicles not being able to get through the backed up traffic (which I certainly believe after experiencing the traffic myself each weekend.

I was upset myself at the rate increase until I looked up the budget myself and saw their expenses and see that they have no choice (as we all do even in Wilmington) but to raise money from somewhere.

These regular bashing, such as yours, of Wrightsville Beach when they are obviously under a lot of budget pressure due to the very SUCCESS of being so open to vacationers and day visitors like myself.

You have no idea of what you are talking about.

A correction

In my last piece I stated that "You have no idea of what you are talking about." that was NOT my intended statement and I meant no insult or offense.... What I meant to say was that "I" have no idea what your talking about... Many Apologies

T.W. Duke

huh? Who's Success?

You have no idea of what you are talking about.
So do you hate Democracy or Freedom of Speech?

As for paying for beach re-nourishment… allow me to blow that up… I grew up on Wrightsville Beach…

Before the 1970s, most of New Hanover County, and in fact, the entire southeast region of the state, was sparsely populated, underdeveloped and cut off from the state's core growth area RDU. Because of this, the land, housing, and labor of the Cape Fear region were significantly less expensive than national averages. This attracted developers. Like Darth Vader, Dark Lord of subcontractors.

Back before 1984 there was nothing on portions of Wrightsville beach… there was also Boy George too but s/he doesn’t have anything to do with this story. Anyway, then some developer wanted to build hotels and houses… But the Army Core of Engineers did a survey and stated that the land there was too unstable and subject to natural tidal shift to support large scale development… Then in 1985 Legislature in a strange case of "Doing the Right Thing" passed a law to discourage coastal development by instituting a ban on hard structures, such as seawalls and breakwaters on beaches.

The developers then put on a wife-beater and walked right through that law like Chris Brown through a restraining order and built it all anyway. These guys were aided in the early 1990s by the expansion of ILM and the extension of Interstate 40 (Which originally was to terminate at Atlantic Beach), both of which increased accessibility to Cape Fear and increased population to the tune of 12,532 people between 1990-98. Can’t be mad at the developers… They were simply doing what they do… making money…

By 1994 the buildings at the north end of the island were ready to go right in the water… But the legislation swooped in a great example of political gutlessness changed that 1985 law to allow for some sand bags within 20 feet of the structure…

Yea!!!! We saved rich people’s houses with tax-payers’ dollars by changing laws!!!

Regardless Mason Inlet on the north end of Wrightsville Beach moved nearly one-third of a mile between 1984-96. Nature:1 Sandbags:0

Ya see... Islands around here are migratory… we have storms and that means that the constant pounding by wind and sea causes islands like Wrightsville Beach, erode and change shape year after year. And now that Wrightsville Beach is pretty much plumbed out for development space the local government has to constantly find ways to keep the island from doing what it would do naturally… Sinking into the sea or moving to Brunswick County…

So they have to raise taxes on the island, find every way to squeeze a dollar out of the tourists and college kids, and beg the state for money… It’s a self-perpetuating process or evil… Like being a smack junkie, watching Honey Boo-Boo or being a president. And THAT is why people get mad.

Well said Paul R. The

Well said Paul R. The parking costs also help fund beach replenishment.

Plenty of beaches

Topsail Island is gorgeous and has loads of free parking. Never even bother with Wrightsville any more. Just a little further drive is worth it!

IS anybody surprised

The Aldermen and people who live in Wrightsville Beach think they own the whole damn town and that nobody who isnt rich enough to be a resident there shant soil their beaches.

W. Beach Parking

I can understand some reasons for charging for parking at the beach but if the increases continue I think the day users should put pressure on the N Hanover county comissioners and state representatives to start witholding funds for W. Beach special projects. They can increase to $100 per hr parking fees and see if they get along any better.