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Should children with severe allergies be allowed to go to the school closest to their home?

Of course they should.

The percentage of children with allergies this severe is so small it really wouldn't create any disruptions in the system if they we're accommodated.

There is a caveat though: A definition of a "severe allergy" should be specifically defined by the school system and all parents applying for this waiver should provide verifiable data substantiating the allergy to prevent gaming of the system.

If this child has a document

If this child has a document from a physician that states that this is what is best for her, then there should be no further discusion.

Children should go to

Children should go to schools closest to their house period. Bussing kids across town is ridiculous, the school standards should be equal across the board.

Children with allergies going to school close to home

It should make no difference weather children with severe allergies go to schools close to their home. What would make more of a difference is a competent RN school nurse and access to an Epi pen in case of an allergic reaction occurring. Are the parents planning to be home all day while the child is at school? Certainly the child would be treated, especially in the case of anaphylaxis, before the parents would even be notified.

Due to budget cuts in NHCo

Due to budget cuts in NHCo Schools, some schools do not have a full time nurse so don't count on a nurse being present. All children should be allowed to attend the school closest to their home if desired.

Competent RN

We attempted contact with any "competent nurse", via phone and email, multiple times and have received no response. One major requirement for schools is "good communication between school nurse staff and the parents". If they cannot be competent in returning basic correspondence, we do not trust competency in more important areas. We have submitted documentation showing no contact from Alderman, and shown good communication with Winter Park.