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Should Commissioner Brian Berger resign NOW after being charged with DWI?

Commissioner Brian Berger

Mr. Berger definately should seek professional help. He is a troubled man, but the fact that WWAY tv 3 reports over and over, repeating and sensationalizing on his every wrong move only adds to the problem! If you even get a whiff of Mr Bergers troubles its on EVERY news brief and EVERY news report for days and days! You seldom get any updates, just keep reporting the same thing over and over and over and over...

Frankly, I am so tired of hearing about Mr. Berger! I am watching WECT for my news from now on. I do not live in Wilmington or New Hanover county and I know there is other news that can be covered. You've told us about Mr Berger, more than we want to hear, so please search out some real news to report!

So long!

Brian Berger

This guy either has no desire or is completely unable to conform to the usual standards expected of him, either as commissioner or a citizen in decent society. He's usually late to meetings, if he even shows up. He has a persecution complex when confronted about his behavior and generally seems to do whatever he likes, without regard for the fact that he's a public figure. Is he a spoiled little boy or something a lot more serious that we should be paying attention to? Has he even done ANYthing positive or constructive while holding office? And how on earth was he appointed to another position??
If you're looking for a profile of someone who's a candidate for something bad to occur...THIS is one of them! Get him out and get him some help. He's screaming for attention...and not necessarily in a good way.

Brian Berger

Ya'll know ya'll are being too hard an Brian. Ya'll
have your watch dogs on him always. He can't have a normal life in Wilmywood with ya'll peeking on him all the time. Ya'll drove him to drink and drive. Why don't ya'll start harassing Barfield and give Brian a break. Every time Barfeild over feeds his fat mouth, call the cops.


This country is still trying to come grips with the recent slaughter of elementary school students. We, as a nation are trying to figure out where society has gone or is going wrong. We keep looking for persons that fit a specific mind set or who do things that are counter to what everybody else does. WELL....Brian Berger fits this mold and should be REMOVED from office immediately and placed into some kind of structured mental health program. He should not be allowed to interact with society until he has been cleared by medical doctors. Sooner or later this guy is going to explode and then we will begin again to wonder where society went wrong.

Remove him!

This guy is an idiot and has some serious issues. He needs to step down. If he doesn't go on his on, then he needs to be removed.

Please recall and remove this guy

I feel sorry for Mr Berger. I think he needs to get serious
Help. Just watching him and the reactions he takes I would
Never attend any meeting our public meeting where he my
Appear due to my fear that he will finally snap and start shooting
Up Wilmington. You know he displays all the signs of a person
Totally out of control. We use to call people like him loose
Cannons. Mark my words this man is going to end up flipping out
And who knows how many people he will kill.