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Should motorcycle helmets be optional in NC?


NC needs to real restrict because you might be throw from,
motoncycles very easys.
I got on motorcyles at very young ages I didn;t have a cash helmet.


I don't care if you wear one

I don't care if you wear one or not till, I don't see you and pull out in front of you. Then it matters, do I get a ticket or do I go to jail for your death?

You must be a total numbskull to make a comment like that!

First, one who "looks" and does not "see" is considered negligent! YOU my ignorant fellow human, will go to jail for your carelessness should that sort of driving habit be your norm.

I really and truly hope that your actual mental state is not as handicapped as your big mouth. I also hope that you have sufficient mental capacity to willfully exercise caution and carefully observe who's path you are pulling into before you do so, whether they have a helmet on or not.

I've been riding motorcycles since I was 11 years old and have substantial track time to boot. It's always a challenge to encounter blithering idiots such as yourself on the public roadways!

I guess I'm a numbskull, for

I guess I'm a numbskull, for agreeing with him.

So I'll be smart, and agree with your logic. As a automobile driver, I should decide weather or not, to wear a seatbelt, and have bald tires. Chances are: 99% of the time I do both, nothing happens.

God forbid, but if I did accidently hit someone on a motorcycle, I would much rather have them smack there helmet against the road, and live, then to smash their head, and die.


If they slam their un-helmeted head against the road and live -
They will have a "numb-skull"


That is why motorcycles are

That is why motorcycles are required too..."Burn Their Headlights".
If you pull out in front of one, and they have the "right away", and the rider(s) get injured or killed...your answer is: "Your Fault"...the same as with other legal vehicles on the roads.


Research where the restrictions started.A hint 1980's ntsb (feds). Most people against repeal don't ride,they are the distracted drivers causing wrecks.FUNNY, Nobody looks twice to an entire family riding in the back of a pick up truck.....and i need to wear a helmet to make others FEEL safe.

Not exactly right

There are also laws regarding those who ride in the back of pickup trucks. Helmet laws were passed due to knowing the severity of injuries from non helmeted drivers regardless of who caused the accident. The costs associated with medical care for all injured persons is passed on even to those who don't get in accidents per your loving insurance company!

Ride on.....with helmets! Protect your brain!

Motorcycle Helmets

My husband was killed tragically last summer in a motorcycle accident in Winnabow, NC. He was wearing a DOT approved helmet however he died from blunt force trauma to the head and chest. The helmet did not save his life but helmets should still be worn in all states. I still ride my own motorcycle and will continue to wear a helmet. I lost my best friend of 31 years and we both enjoyed riding. Please think before you take that helmet off and ride.