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Should NC require license and registration to drive a moped?

Yes and No

I too get mad when I see someone on a Scooter (MOPED) riding as if the laws do not apply to them the same as I do watching people on bikes and cars breaking the laws. If they make a law to get a license and Ins. I will, but they need to have a license for Scooter. I would say most people that read the book to get a license never read the part that covers bikes and "MOPED" or motorcycles. What I think we need most is people willing to share the road and watch out the other person. License plates, License and Ins. will not change the fact that most people on bikes, scooters (MOPED's) and Motorcycles will get killed if hit by a car or truck. I been driving my scooter for over 10 years and I make sure I follow the rules of the road on it or when I am riding my bike. Even if I had a 125/150cc Scooter I would not go any faster than 35mph. People don't seem to understand that the faster you go the more fuel you use. Currently I get about 70mpg at 30MPH. My Scooter can go up to 35mph but I then get around 50MPG! If you want to get Scooters/Moped's off the road then Bikes would have to be taken off too they go much slower than 30MPH. I use the term Scooter because the only thing they have in common with a MOPED is the engine size of 50cc (49.86cc in most cases). If a Scooter breaks down you walk!


I want to point out also that speedometers on most scooters are off by about 5mph. I am guessing that since they use the CDI box and gears to control the top speed they don't worry about the speedometers. I also did some checking and just by luck I passed one of those things they put out to check your speed and I found that my Scooter said it was doing about 32mph the speed checker said I was doing 28mph!
If they make a law to require a license, Ins. and plates there would no point in restricting them to 30mph and most people would have them removed.
These 50cc Scooters can go up to 45 to 50mph but it's the USA that puts the restriction on them in order to allow them to go without license.
I stopped driving a car for medical reasons and with a Scooter I would be the one to get killed and not the other person in the car or truck. I have NEVER had a DUI!! I would said that I obey the rules of the road better than most people that have a license because I want to make sure I don't cause someone to get killed.... mainly ME!
I think if the person on a bike or scooter is doing something wrong they should get a ticket for it!
If EVERYONE followed the rules based on the Driver's Handbook then there would be less problems. Most only read what's needed to pass the test! People need to slow down and learn to share the road! Maybe a lane for Bikes/Scooter/MOPED should be made like in other countries.

Legal Moped

Moped Defintion

"some mopeds on the market have top speeds higher than the 30 mph limit, they are illegal for use in North Carolina."

vehicle with two or three wheels with a motor of no more than 50 cubic centimeters of piston displacement and no external shifting device. Legally, a moped's top speed cannot exceed 30 mph on a level surface. Although some mopeds on the market have top speeds higher than the 30 mph limit, they are illegal for use in North Carolina. If a moped does not fit the above requirements, it must be registered as a motorcycle under North Carolina law.

Moped Defintion

That is DMV's "Moped Definition". The word "MoPed" comes from two words Motor and Pedals. They started out with a Helper motor on the front wheel and later became mounted on the frame. The name was shorten to MoPed. A Moped pedals can be use to ride a moped like a bike or start the motor. If you remove the pedals it would be hard to start a Moped.
A scooter has no pedals and uses a battery to start the motor and in most cases has a kick start backup.

As one who has lost their

As one who has lost their license due to DUI's I can agree with the insurance and registration but I need to be able to get back and forth to work. Quit drinking a long time ago and still paying for my ignorance from those days. If I don't obey the traffic laws I should be stopped and arrested but since I can't legally drive a car this is my only means of getting to work and earning a living. If those in charge would allow previous DUI's to have a license but require an interlock at least a person could work and the public would be protected. It's dangerous to have to ride a scoot cause drivers don't see or care about them even less than those on motorcycles. So if you don't want more on welfare and living off the gov't either allow us to ride scoots or make a legal way to drive and make the penalties harsher for DUI's. If you don't and then also require a license to drive scoots then you leave those of us who messed up in the past 2 choices. 1) Live off of what the gov't gives us or 2) Drive a car illegally to support ourselves, our families, and pay taxes.

License for DUI's

I agree with the way some are changing their lives an living a good Christian life are yet stuck between a rock and hard place. Cause as has been said it's the ones that are on the scooters that are the most in danger. Cars that don't want to be stuck going 30 mph behind one often pass them without regard to oncoming traffic, not crossing into the other lane as they would if it were another car, or if they force the scooter into a ditch or worse to keep from getting hit.
So if your like me who had I repeat had an alcohol addiction you only have 2 choices. 1) ride a moped/scooter if your close enough for work 2) Drive a car illegally or 3) Lose everything you have or could have and hope I repeat hope the government will give you enough to exist day to day.

I believe as you do there is a simple fix for this and here it is and no matter how many DUI's you get still all would be covered and fair. Here it is.
First DUI (only a DUI charge not killing or hurting others during as then the other statues come into play as well) you get probation or serve time and your license at minimum is restricted for 6 months to school and/or work hours to get there and come back with an hour extra thrown in for shopping and no DUI driving. Violation is a mandatory jail term no exception except medical emergency.

Second DWI mandatory 1 year jail term day for day and when released a 1 year interlock device on car. Violation (except confirmed medical emergency) driving with any alcohol in system, driving another car other than the one with your interlock device. 2 year mandatory jail time day for day and 2 year interlock device when released, no negotiating this is mandatory

3rd marked as a felony DUI mandatory 2 year jail time day for day an when released 2 year interlock device on car. Violation (except confirmed medical emergency) driving with any alcohol in system, driving another car other than the one with your interlock device. 3 year mandatory jail time day for day and 3 year interlock device when released, no negotiating this is mandatory.

4th marked as a felony DUI mandatory 3 year jail time day for day an when released 3 year interlock device Violation (except confirmed medical emergency) driving with any alcohol in system, driving another car other than the one with your interlock device. 4 year mandatory jail time day for day and 4 year interlock device when released, no negotiating this is mandatory.

Keep going as such and at least the person will either get help, end up in jail forever, or have at least the chance to survive and change their lives with lesson learned and not forced to choose the Rock or the Hard place to live but can follow the Law an Christ to a law abiding and Christian life.

The thought of one who has had to make the hard choice and chose survive, keep what I had or could now get, or live without nothing.
Which 1 of the 3 do you think I chose?

Moped law

I don't know who these people voting for stricter moped laws are but I can just about guarantee that none of them have to ride a scooter to get to work, or school, or the grocery store. If they did then they wouldn't be so eager to hand the the government another measure of power and control. Oh yeah, let's not forget income. Believe me, scooter commuters don't not drive because they dislike automobiles. They do so because they have to. They do so because it is the only way left to them to be able to work, to support their families, and yes, to retain some small shred of dignity. I know, someone on a scooter having dignity. Sounds crazy right? The powers that be won't be happy until we have to sit at home and starve, and watch our children starve. That or become dependent on government handouts, subject to the whims of the policy makers. Oops, I guess that already happened!

Comparisons State by State

Comparisons State by State for Moped laws to see how the other half lives:

There's your fuel for arguments and points of view.


Mopeds fit right in with other vehicle abuse going on. We have kids driving around Scott's Hill in golf carts, some pulling other kids on skateboards, kids running the streets on electric powered motor cycles, adults on motorcycles treating the "loop" like a racetrack, underage teens riding motorcycles and nary a law enforcement officer to be found when this is happening!

The problem with requiring a

The problem with requiring a license is that it hurts people who are trying to turn their lives around and they have their licenses revoked. One of the requirements of people in drug court is that they have a job. They need to be able to get to those jobs. Requiring insurance makes sense. Is there a real purpose to requiring registration, or is it just another way to create revenue?

no scooter license

is anyone or any group organized to lobby against the proposed legislation? if so,please tell who and how to get in touch with them..i cant afford to lose my ride

Hit them

like you want to and then take a picture of the motor. If the motor is less than 49 CC then the moped is illegal on a 55 mile an hour road. More than 49 CC and the driver must be licensed and insured... so your good either way. Hit them and take a picture.


Sir, I just looked at the 2012 NC Driver's Handbook and there is NOTHING in there saying anything about Scooters/Mopeds not allowed on a highway where the speed is 55mph!
I would say that about 99.9% of the roads in NC that at some point change to 55+ MPH! Look at Highway 17, goes from 35 in most towns all the way to 70mph!
If you hit someone on a Scooter/Moped you better be in the right or you may find yourself in trouble!
Did you know you could get 4 points for Failure to give the right-a-way to a Bike, Scooter, Motorcycle or MoPeds?
Also, it's not 49cc but 50cc.

I will agree with one thing, ALL Bikes, Scooters and Mopeds should be require to have plates. This could bring more money in for the State. It would also allow them to be reported if breaking the laws! Yes and insured too to cover cost of any damage. However, unless they find a better way to give a license for a Scooter/Moped I would say NO! Maybe a test to make sure they know the rules of the road and have someone ride with them to make sure they follow the rules. Otherwise, if Scooter riders have to be fully licensed then Scooters and Mopeds should be allow to go full speed within the laws of the posted speed limits.


I am an enthusiast and collector of vintage and mopeds. It's a hobby of mine to fix them up and customize them almost like an art, and I own 5 currently and ride them only occasionally for recreation. With a mandatory registration of the bikes in this classification I would be required to pay registration, insurance, tags and taxes for all 5 including the non running ones only to ride a handful of times a year. How would you feel is someone taxed you hundreds of dollars a year for your hobby? I understand the argument that even moped riders can cause serious accidents involving other cars on the road resulting in costly repairs and hospital visits, so I propose roll over liability insurance from any other registered vehicles like a car in that same persons name as a fair compromise. After all the insurance companies are covering the liabilities of a driver not the car, the service they offer should reflect that.

Moped "art"?

Robbie, you have a hobbie involving a motor vehicle that you wnat to use on public roadways. If you want to continue your "art" and hobby, you do like the rest of the hobbiests.
If you build and collect cars, you have to register, license and insure them to put them on the public roadways.
If you want to collect motorcycles, you have to register, license and insure them to put them on the public roadways.
If you want to collect boats there are registration requirements and other rules to follow if you operate those on public waters.

So Robbie, while I appreciate you enthusiasm in a very unique "art-form", you'll just have to do like the rest of the "artists" and pay to play or simply leave them idle in your back yard. I don't see anything unreasonable or complicated here. You may want to inquire about getting your exhibit in the Cameron Museum of art, it would fit in well with their class of exhibits.

Actually Robbie has a hobby

Actually Robbie has a hobby that does not involve a motor vehicle, as any motor vehicle in NC is required to have tags and insurance as well as be driven by a licensed driver. A scooter under 50cc is subject to the same laws as a bicycle.



The reason they hold up

The reason they hold up traffic is the laws limiting the speed of a moped to 32 miles an hour. Even a 50cc has restrictors to keep them slower than their actual top speed to comply with the laws. Using the excuse of usually these people are doing something they should not be doing in unjust and not true. When it comes to an accident, just like on a bicycle with no insurance, damages can be handled civilly.

Speaking of detesting things..

You wanna know what I detest? People with broken CAPS-LOCK keys.

I wonder

Is the key broken or is the user not smart enough to know how to use it?


mopeds no bicyles no.. why licence have you lost your minds. next you will try to get money from wheel chairs being on there. Give people back some rights and freedoms to enjoy things.

How many points?

Remember that game you played while driving in a car as a kid and you'd see a cat or something in the road? You'd say 5pts or make up a number because you were joking about how many points it would be if you hit it. How many points are wheelchairs worth?

But seriously. When is the last time you saw a person in a wheelchair holding up traffic because they were wheeling down the road? Your argument is as insane as the belief that the moped or scooter should be exempt from other motorized vehicles driving on the street.


Not only the mopeds, but, also Bicycles. Bicycle lanes cost money and bicycles are a traffic safety concern. Any machine on the highway should be insured for liability; and yes, mopeds and bicycles can be at fault. I'm surprised the state has not mandated this ... they and the insurance people are always looking for more money.

In addition to license, registration AND insurance...

...enforce inspections as well! Too many of these drunk-bikes running around with dim lights, no lights, no brake lights, broken signal lights hangin by wires, no mirrors, slick tires and faulty brakes.

Riding doubles in traffic on mopeds is dangerous too!

If it goes on the road with a motor, abide by the same rules everyone else has to abide by!


yes, if they are going to be allowed to drive on the roads, then they should have to be licensed, insured, tags, and have to pay taxes just like everyone else!!!

They are only allowed 49cc.

They are only allowed 49cc. It needs to be upped to 75cc. So they won't block, and be a hazard to city traffic.

Moped should be licensed drivers, tags, inspected and ins.

I know one guy who lost his license to a DUI, bought a scooter, peeled off the engine cc size and drove it as a moped. Another violation. If golf carts have to be licensed operators, inspected, insured and tags, then so do MOPEDS. NC is so far behind the times with many of their laws on the books. Its a lot easier to trace and find stolen mopeds also if there is a paper trail. Drunks have no business driving any type of vehicle on the roadways if they have lost their license. Or is this NCs way to legalize drunk driving. Think about it.

Should NC require license and registration to drive a moped?

By making people register their mopeds and paying insurance, you kill the purpose and reason for mopeds and the market of mopeds in North Carolina. Some citizens can not afford the rising insurance rates, car loans, and payments in this economy... This could hurt the lives of hundreds of people in Wilmington and put more citizens into debt or more debt form not being able to get to work and losing their job from that and etc. It would be nice for mopeds to have insurance and be registered, but that would make mopeds pointless in the since of practical use in this economy...

I just paid the insurance

I just paid the insurance for my motorcycle for the year...$83. Registration/inspection/taxes come up to maybe another 40 bucks annually. I also get an average 77mpg. When I'm on the road, I certainly don't hold up traffic, and am far more likely to be the victim of an accident than the cause. With that said, do I mind mopeds? Not at all, so long as they abide by the rules. I clocked one yesterday doing 47mph. I seriously doubt with the size of the gentleman and speed he was going that the scooter was 50cc or less either. This is an almost everyday occurrence in Wilmington. Solutions? Give DUI recipients a "second-chance" license to ride a moped but make all riders at least take a written test. And if you can't afford the nominal charges and ridiculously low fuel costs listed above, maybe you should be looking for alternatives...

If someone can not afford

If someone can not afford the cost of the reg. and insurance, ( and in most cases would not be that much ) than how in the world are they going to pay someone when there is some kind of mishap involving their moped. Accidents or any other personal damage is going to cost the moped owner a hell of a lot more than what a reg. and insurance would cost. Now how is one to collect anything from the moped owner when they are broke? This is speaking from experience. When I was hit by moped, it took well over a year and a half to settle with this guy and that is only because the police were involved and he was ordered by the courts to pay or go to jail.