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Should New Hanover Co. Commissioners now let Brian Berger stay on the board?

paying for berger

Let Woodywoodpecker White and BARField pay for it they are the ones who wanted him out.. I am glad to see Berger back.. also give him his back pay too.

Whether you like it, or not,

Whether you like it, or not, he was elected. It's his seat. If you don't like it, don't vote for him next time. But it's wrong to make him leave, just because a few people don't like him. You can't change the rules, just because you don't like the outcome.

And Ricky Meeks is not nearly as dumb, as he wants everyone to think he is.

It should be up to the

It should be up to the voters to oust an elected official. Letting fellow commissioners make this decision just opens the door for abuse of the system. Those who put him in should be the only ones to take him out.

Get on with it

STOP wasting taxpayer dollars on your grudge and get on with the duties you were elected to do. Brian is not a threat. DO NOT START this process over again. It's not for the Commissioners to choose, its the duty of taxpayers.

STOP acting like a bunch of pouting kids and DO YOUR WORK by being a GOOD STEWARD of our monies, STOP wasting dollars that ARE NOT YOURS.

I agree White is a political thug-Berger should stay

Who is Woody White to lecture the rest of us? Woody White and his two puppets, misled all of us and cost us all a bundle--they lie real good and with little conscience.
EEOC should hand them a huge bill- they have,along with some county employees they control, tried to steamroll this young man by playing footloose with documents and scaring some employees. Saint he aint- but wasn't it White the sleaze who smeared Bozeeman and now seeks to do same here. White is a loser and a disgrace-- soon he will be facing his own kind of well deserved scrutiny. Many of honestly believe justice isn't blind so this judge went against the poltical grain and ruled this was a kangaroo court-out to smear someone with little facts and mostly innuendo. As people at the federal level learn more about the tactics employed here- White and others will face even more well deserved scrutiny- Lets see them under a bright light and under oath so we have a level and fair playing field!

Your question is: Should New

Your question is: Should New Hanover Co. Commissioners now let Brian Berger stay on the board....from the way it looks it doesn't seem like they have a choice as to whether they let him stay or not!!

let the man do his job

just because people on the council do not like Mr burger, doesn't give them the right to take a man off hiss job just because off personal differences.the council sound like a bunch off kids with petty has been ruled by a judge and he has been reinstated,who are they to question a judges ruling!!!!!!its a slap in the face of the the judicial system.

A burger is a sandwich

Capitol letters usually start a sentence, dear. It is "his" job, not "hiss." It would be, "judges'" with a question mark. "It is," not,"its."
Mr. Brian Berger has had problems fulfilling his obligations to his constituents and that happens to be a valid issue at this time. No one is claiming that his Asperger diagnosis has affected his job performance, except for Brian Berger. He conveniently brought it up as a fact AFTER the fact of his removal. So far no one is talking about how his ex-girlfriend feared for her safety with this man. Enough, already.

The main reason the board

The main reason the board wanted Berger out is because he was not doing his job and he was a threat to them, among other things. If these reasons aren't enough, what is?

Berger was put in office by the voters

Berger was elected to the position as a commissioner by the voters in his district, and they are the only ones that should have a say in whether he remains in office or not. OR, in all future elections to the County Commissioners positions we should not have elections, we should just have the candidates send in a photograph, and a resume to Commissioner White, and if he approves of them then that SELECTED person shall become commissioner. Heck the Supreme Court did that in picking the president of the United States then why can't this process be implemented for selection of County Commissioners in the future. Think of the money saved in not having elections just selections. Other free nations such as Russia and China have this system and it seems to work out O.K. for them. Maybe Mr. White would be more comfortable serving as a County Commissioner in one of those countries. He shares their political ideology.

I have to call B/s on this

I have to call B/s on this one, they were doing everything possible to see to it Berger was not able to get to the meetings, along with fabricating threats perceived against them to justify their actions, those 3 need to be removed from the board immediately, Berger and Barfield seemed to be the only 2 there that truly had common sense and the taxpayer/voter rights in mind.

Bryan Burger

He should absolutely not be allowed back. He is incompetent, irresponsible, he doesn't even show up to meetings on time, plus has a police record, the bottom line is is not represented the public in a positive note or looking out for the public's best interest.


Bryan Burger

If being incompetent and irresponsible is grounds for removal the get that idiot out of the White House. And Kerry and Pelosi and ....if we get rid of all the unqualified people there will not be many left.Let Burger stay. If he is that bad he will fit right in.

keep Berger

They need to get rid of BaRField. Someone who has the guts to fight like Berger has to serve the community should deserve to stay. No one is perfect. Who does White and BaRField want someone perfect maybe Jesus Christ should be on the ballot .. He is without sin cast the first stone gentlemen.


"Who does White and BaRField want someone perfect"......
No, try Buck O'Shields?
That way Woody would have a near unanimous forum to approve Titan with.



And that is probably what this whole process has been about from the beginning. Remember.......The first thing out of White's mouth was wanting to get rid of the Special Use Permit to make NH County more business friendly. He then digs out a 100 year old process to remove a sitting Commissioner that opposes Titan so he can hand pick his second member of this Commission. He collected over $130,000.00 in campaign contributions to get elected, which was approx. $50,000.00 more than had ever been spent to be elected a County Commissioner.......Who does Woody White answer to as he wastes all this taxpayer money to hand pick a majority on the County Commission? Shame on Beth Dawson for being a part of this.

You do realize, don't you,

that Barfield was AGAINST the amotion process?

Try to keep up. If you don't, your comments have zero value.

Guest Debbie Mc is an

Guest Debbie Mc is an uninformed, low information person....can't say low information voter because she's probably not registered to vote!!

Guest Debbie Mc is an

I am a register voter and I work at the polls each election.
Are you and do you?

All of our sorry

All of our sorry commissioners need to step down if they have nothing better to do except devote their time to removing Berger from office. The courts have spoken. What you all done was wrong! Do what you have been elected to do or STEP down. Enough BS is enough!